Thursday, August 12, 2010

For The Little Ones.....

I am not a book review person, but when a friend of mine finally got her childrens book published, I could not resist giving it a little plug here!
Karen's sister was my friend Taina, in New Orleans, who had the gallery where I had work. Thankfully, they decided to move back to Southern California the year before Katrina hit. So all I have are fond memories, and if you seach the blog for a post on using cigar boxes for shrines, you will find a photo of us. (see, the blog mistress is too lazy...)

"I Live In A House With A Cat And A Mouse And A Mom and A Dad And My Sisters"
by Karen Ringeride

Karen's book is bright and fun; a very small child would enjoy the rhyming text and the illustrations are stylized enough that a child a bit older could successfully draw something close to describe their family life.

It is a story of family, and adventure, and misadventure, and ultimately all ending well.

Each page is saturated with pure color---a perk for kiddies and artists ,too, who haven't quite grown up....ahem!

With the text being in rhyme, it is easy for children as well as adults to read aloud and have fun with the words......

....And I do have to apologize for the pages not being perfectly flat but I will not break the spine of a book! Also, my camera was overwhelmed by thebright colors and these do not really represent the intensity of the printed page.

If you have a little one, or want a gift for someone who does, this is a delightful romp to read and is actually from Karen's real life; about a mom and a dad and four sisters who loved each other very much!
Visit her at:
Now go have some fun with your own family adventures, and who knows? Someday you might put them to paper too!



Anonymous said...

I love how the primary colors were used thru out!!
Congratulations to your friend on getting it published!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Thats looks very cute. Congrats to your friend for her publish :D

Karen said...

Hi Anne - I just love seeing the pages surrounded by all that is Anne. This book is about me and my three sisters, Celeste, Diane and Taina, the things that we did and the things that I wished we did. The reason I used "a mom" and "a dad" instead of "my mom" and "my dad" is that moms and dads become moms and dads by a lot of different ways. Some moms and dads are the ones that were given to you at birth, some are adoptive parents, some are grandparents, some are aunts and uncles, some are caring people who you are very lucky to have when you very much need them. What really matters is the love. We were very loved by them all. Hope that you all enjoy this book and become inspired to make one of your own. Love, Karen Ringeride

Linda Moran said...

Children's books have some of the best art around! I have quite a collection. Check out Ruth Heller's work on parts of speech - the art is to die for!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Anne Sweetie...
Oh my goodness is this book every precious. I will have to check it out. I have 5 of the 8 grandkids that I think would enjoy this book. A definite 4 anyway. I am always looking for something new to read to them when they come to Grammy's house.

Thanks for the beautiful share sweetie. What is the chipmunk score now? I think of you and smile my friend.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Deborah said...

Oh so very sweet. When my children were small we read to them every night before bed, and oh how I dreaded when they want Bearenstein Bears...l o n g stories! I'd say, how about Little Critter???
**kisskiss** Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey girls--

I have had to run the dreaded *errands* so this is quick---Sherry, I have seen no more chupmunks. Maybe my fierceness ran them off LOL!
Karen, glad you like the post, and I agree, many people make moms and dads besides the typical parents.
Linda--I love childrens illustrations....I have a few blogs to point you to.. :)
DEB! We're the Bearenstein Bears part of Dr. Seuss's collection??? I love his work, especially Green Eggs and Ham! (in fact, I have a good deal of that memorized.....)

Anne....and yes, if you have little ones, they would ♥LUV♥ all the color!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Anne,
Congratulations to Karen!
Wonderful to see rhyming words {easier for children with disabilities to learn to read} and such bright pictures.
Have a cooler weekend,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Anna,

I think that was one of the things I enjoyed about the book--that it is all rhyme.
I personally love tinkering with writing in rhyme...I guess I remember so many of the books from my childhood written that way. It is a fun exercise when doing a slightly silly blog comment! (yes, I 'fess up!)


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