Saturday, August 14, 2010

Before Zentangles......

....And I do mean a LONG time before zentangles took everyone by storm, I had a sketchbook where I would take a piece of a magazine photo, glue it somewhat in the center (though I don't suppose it would HAVE to be centered) and then took heavy Sharpies and looked for *line* in the remnant of photo. Below is an example.

This was the first one I did.....and as I post the others, you will see progression. I liked the idea of starting with a piece of a puzzle, then letting the pen and brain wander. Actually, looking at this, I would like to go back in and fill in the white areas...I was not sure how far I wanted to take the drawing. It was an experiment only.
The sketchbook is 9" x 12" I think.....somewhere around that size, so it gives an idea of the line size.
Looking back at these, and the current paper scrap journal, I see that I am very drawn to repetitive shapes/lines, though they may differ over time. That I am a *motif* person. Hmmmmmm......
I believe it was Anna Rose who urged me to further research zentangles, and that was when this sketchbook came up. I may actually take it upstairs inthe evening, as it is easy to work on.
This was never *day work*---that is saved for commissions, etc. It was always *evening work*---unwind, doodle, see what happens.
I will post a few more of these because, as painfully ugly as this one is, the ones afterwards got better.
Sometimes you have to post a few Bow-Wows to appreciate the nicer work! LOL!!!
So yes, this is an "Anne-Tangle".........heeheehee!



marianne said...

what a great way to jumpstart things when inspiration isn't coming! (i could show you some really ugly doodles, but doodles can be ugly, right? this really isn't so bad). happy weekend-

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey MArianne!

Yeah...doodles are doodles.....but this one was tough to post! LOL!!
I think I may tinker a bit more with it....or not. Maybe it should be preserved *as is*....

Anne with failing Internet....

yoborobo said...

I love doodling. I doodle all the time. :) It keeps me sane. Kinda. lol!! As you might imagine, I am doodling A LOT lately. :) Happy weekend to you my friend! xox!

Linda Moran said...

Anne - because of early art education less-than-wonderful experiences, I was always of the mind that whatever I did had to look like something....that's been a really hard habit to break. When I discovered the zentangle a year or so ago, I realized I could be uncontrolled in a controlled space, which in itself was liberating. Now I'm enjoying looking at them because I can deconstruct them (sorta...) and really look at the various lines. And I like being able to fill in the spaces. I tend to do them at night after a long day at school (I see more in my future starting Monday!) as they can be really relaxing. I want to see more of yours - I like the idea of how you started!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ha Pam!

You and me both....but it does not seem to be helping much in my case!!!!
I just keep running the pens dry and using up glue sticks....sothing outgh to come of it other than sticky, messy fingers, ya think???


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Linda, the one thing that is fun in using the slice of a mag pic is that you have to make the brain forget what it really is (I tend tocut and paste and go away a while) and then just look for lines. And then what you want to DO with the lines. Trust me....the others are better! But BUSY!
And Art, as proven over and over again, does not have to resemble anything. Took me years to break that habit, especially when you can draw good--technically GOOD.


Annie said...

I've been reading about zentangles now for a couple of year. Haven't done one yet and I think I now know why. Starting with a blank page for an elaborate doodle just didn't work for me. However, your jumping off point of a bit of photo inspiration might just do it for me. I'm looking forward to seeing others.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Annie,

In all fairness to some of the beautiful zentangles I've seen, there is some lovely work being done.
For me, that word *work* come into play, and I have found that the slice of magazine photo takes it away from work, to just a doodle.
I had to chuckle when I saw that there is now a kit, etc that you can buy to do zentangles.....I guess I though the point was just doing and letting go....guess you have to let go of money too! LOL! I am too much a cynic, I think!
Try a couple of these--use smaller paper---have fun.


Jan said...

Your Annetangle is great! I might have to, I mean borrow your photo slice technique, that is a good idea to get a start. I agree, those zentangle kits seem like such a strange idea. I guess if you want all your tangles to be the same size for making into a book or framing or something. I prefer more freedom than that.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Jan, go for it. I like the freedom of finding interesting slices, then later seeing what they become.
Of course, mine fill a journal page which makes then the same size, but you could use a variety of papers and see what happens.
I think you and I both have issues with anything too rigid... ;D
I prefer the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach! LOL!!!

Anne...going to cut and paste! Oh, use a glue stick. Just enough adhesion.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

First what is a hot link? I love these doodling exercises ...we should all have a notebook set aside just for these moments...I often doodle on whatever is around..a napkin...a magazine ... we all need to have down time when the brain rests and our hands move gently across the paper. I love drawing with the number two pencil...the contact of lead to paper is soothing for me... an escape when the laundry is washing or I am cooking dinner. Have a great weekend! Imagine and LIVE IN Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Mary Helen,

It is fun just doodling and seeingwhere it goes...sometimes in the trash, sometimes further into *something*. I think the whole concept takes the pressure off of drawing.
I have been searching fora particular Quilters Template Pencil as it is very black and soft, but waxy. It is terriffic for super dark marks....I need to see if I can find them online...


Karen S said...

Doodling in a sketchbook is such a great way to unwind -- I need to do it more myself. I attended a seminar on sketchbooking last year (or maybe the year before -- my memory is weak, LOL) and the speaker (who teaches college art classes) passed around a box of scraps of paper with designs on them for us to take and glue in our sketchbooks to jumpstart our minds. I helped myself to a couple extras and they really do make for some interesting artwork.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hey I like the Annetangle approach! I've always been totally intimidated by zentangles because they look entirely too complicated. THIS, however, is something I think I might be able to do. Might have to borrow your technique and give it a whirl. Thanks for the uplift in the seat of the pants Anne!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Karen,

THat was the extend of my creative endeavors last evening.....cutting more scraps to glue in the book.
I like the jumping off place, and I like having to look at a print picture and dissect it mentally into achunk or sliver that will be interesting to work with.
And I need to do it way more often, but usualy by night I just want to crash---and traditionally, that is when I work on little things.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey M.A.

This is a fairly easy approach--as I post another photo or two, you will see how easy/complex you can fill in the background depending on your humor.
Sometimes the shapes just sort of suggest themselves---sometimes I have to dig deep to find what needs to be put on the page. The one I had left unfinished last time I worked in the book was what I started last is hard because though there are lines--there is not a lot of texture...... >:[


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Anne,
Lovely to see your Anne-Tangle design. I like the way you've started your piece with a bit of scrap through the centre, how creative!
Oh, so easy to unwind with just a pen and paper anywhere.
Thanks for sharing,
Take it easy,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


I promise to post one of my better ones! This is a lesser one--the first. These are interesting due to just looking at the tidbit of paper and going from there.
Give me a day or two.... ;)


Ces said...

Ooh I missed this one! Looks like fun!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

It *IS* fun Ces....a bit of a jumpstart to working with pattern. I always have fun with them, but have not produced many as by night lately, I have been way too tired!



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