Sunday, July 11, 2010

Floral Wanderings

What bouquet is lovelier than thee?
You grow amongst each other,
a compliment of colors,
a fragrance of the heavens.

Bright and sturdy,
standing after storm
of rain and wind.
Still, you catch my eye;
your color that of ruby lips
Caught between
kiss and sigh.

And tall above the rest,
the sentinels.
Tigers, tho nary a stripe
to find,
but spots instead.
A den of orange
run wild.
Brazen, brash, and full of mirth.

And sweet, the simple phlox;
no bashful color here.
You call to me
on humid air.
Your perfume wafts
across the evening
Lush and so familiar.

Shyly in the depth of green,
a soft and gentle blossom grows.
Does not compete, this lovely stem;
it's elegance and eloquence
is quiet.

And you! Unbashful relative!
A can-can swirl of ruddied warmth!
No sun too bright for you;
no passive glance my friend.
You are the diva.
Yes, we know!

And thus my walk complete,
I hold within my heart
each petal.
The magic of the Greater Gardener;
the beauty of His generosity.
I have not made this plot.
I hold no claim to plant nor soil.
This joy, this abundance,
this overflowing ground
is His.
I am the servant and
the steward.



marianne said...

what a lovely summer garden! great shots!

Linda Moran said...

Gorgeous photos and great poetry to go along - thanks for starting my day off right!

Robbie said...

I feel like I just went on a garden 'walk' and I didn't have to leave home! Lovely! WAIT! I want to leave home!!! Just for an hour! Thanks for the pics, Anne! Lovely as usual.

Ces said...

Whoooooaaaa! These are beautiful! I cannot believe how lush the gardens are up north when I still remember the snow that blanketed the area last winter. Then again you are now being fried. These are beautiful, Anne, and the poem is beautiful too. My you are a poet! Thank you for these gifts. Yes indeed, Praise Our Maker.

Tsup! Tsup!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Anne! I like your photographs and thoughts. Have a nice sunday! Liebe Grüße,

Karen S said...

"your color that of ruby lips
Caught between
kiss and sigh."

Lovely, evocative. Beautiful post for a beautiful Sunday morning.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi All!

Late to the blog; just got in from church and a pile of e-mail/blog mail/everything mail to sort out!
I am hoping I have gotten everything where it needs to have to go check the other mailbox.....
Enjoy your day!!!


Georgina said...

This is growing in your garden?? How gorgeous!! In order to have anything like these flowers growing in my garden, I have to live somewhere else or be a very dedicated gardener....oh well, will just admire yours!! I told you about the weeding in my youth...turned me off to the love of dirt and things that grow!! LOL

Have a great one. Life is looking up again and I think I'm going to make it!! Thank God!!

Love ya,

Jan said...

Anne, this post speaks Summer all over it! Lovely photos and beautiful poetry. I see you are up to 131 followers! Zowie, you will catch up to Tristan at this rate! Seems like just last week you had hit 100. How do you keep up? rhetorical question, I know how you keep up, by wearing yourself out.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Anne Sweetie...
My Lord do you ever have a beautiful garden and your poetry is so beautiful. What talents you have my friend.

I love the tiger lillies and the phlox are so gorgeous. I look out my door and see no beauties. The heat has been so hard on them here in Phoenix, sadly they have fallen and can't get up.

Thank you for sharing such beauty today. It has so lifted my soul.

Have a beautiful Sunday Anne. Oh and how is it going with the chipmunks? I see what you are preserving now.

Love ya girl, Sherry

Silke said...

Oh, Anne, your talents just overflow into every area of your life! You are quite the photographer and poet!! And I am so happy to know you! Love, Silke

yoborobo said...

Yay! Blogger is letting me post comments now! Weeee! I am giddy from excitement. :) But wait, I was going to tell you how beautiful your garden is, and how lovely your words, too. :) Hope you are having a lovely summer evening, Anne! xoxo!

Marie S said...

Wow Anne this is beautiful!!
The picutres, the words, all of it!!
Love and hugs.

Ces said...

Okay, I hope you had a lovely day. I am just now concluding my painting session. I made very good progress. Tomorrow, I start the first two of my many projects for the second half of the year, so I wake up early tomorrow probably you may still be asleep! Nite-night, Anne.

studio lolo said...

I have to check the music, sounds like Gato Barbieri...which is perfect for my stroll through the garden!

Lovely pics and words Anne.

I hope you had a wonderful Sunday ;)


Deborah said...

Oh Anne!!! I am experiencing serious garden envy right now!!! Beautious. Fabuloso! Bravo!!! Mine are starting to fry about now at 106 degrees. Love love love your poetry. I have been THINKING about writing that letter I owe everyone! Perhaps this weekend when the Brawny Man is gone, delivering the bride to her groom in Texas. Right now life is a flurry. A very happy flurry. **blows kisses** Deb

Deborah said...

SPAM-FRY with hot links.

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