Friday, June 11, 2010

Through The Rainbow......

(photo most generously provided by LuLu at My Pink Turtle.....Merci!)

At some point on our path of life,
we reach a broadened fork and then
a voice begins to call us home;
and choosing paths,
we take the yonder one.

Lifted from this heavy realm
of mortal weakness, illness, cost,
there--suddenly--the spirit soars!
And all is bright, with grief no more
'tis thru the rainbow that we
then are lost.....

In bliss. Reunion with our parted kin
and loved ones from the years far past
and friends who long ago we lost
and pets, as well, whose souls are ready, true;
Steadfast, they wait.

Strange rainbows I have seen,
but none that call my name quite yet
to knock upon the bright-hued doors, and
reacquaint myself to souls that sit
and paint these hallowed shores
and light the sky with color
'til we meet.

But friend, you now are there;
take up the paintbrush in thy hand
and PAINT!
As you did here and drizzle colors
bold and bright that all may see!
Let brightness, glow abound!

You have arrived; it is not night,
it is not sleep that greeted thee
but glorious shades beyond
our small command,
and canvas.....
broad and pure as all eternity
'tis spread out, all around.

Blessings for Mary Jo Sidwell-Murphy, who will be laid to rest today. She was an artist and at 62,  called to serve a greater purpose; painting the hues of the heavens and keeping bright rainbows in the skies.

Requiescat in pace.


yoborobo said...

Anne - I am sorry to hear about Mary Jo. What a lovely tribute. :) xox Pam

Ces said...

This is a beautiful poem and it made me go scroll through your friend's blog. What a beautiful name, Mary Jo Sidwell-Murphy and a lovely nickname Gypsy. May she rest in peace. I shall remember her as the lady with the lovely smile.

Take care, dearest Anne.

God bless your friend Gypsy and God bless you!

Tsup! Tsup!!!

Anonymous said...


Deborah said...

Oh Anne, what a beautiful poem and tribute to yet another friend. I LOVE this part: "it is not night,
it is not sleep that greeted thee
but glorious shades beyond our small command,and canvas." Beautiful. All my love to you, Deb

Silke said...

Dear Anne, what a beautiful tribute to your friend!! It is so hard to lose a friend! I'll be thinking of you today!! Love, Silke

Angela Recada said...

This is such a beautiful tribute to your dear friend. I'm sorry I did not have the pleasure of meeting her myself.
Hugs and love,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks all---I was supposed to be at the viewing this morning but spent the night up with arthritis and muscle pain in general.
I am sitting in PJs trying to get enough in gear to get a sympathy card over to the may just go in the mail.
I probably will post comments but may not be on-blog much today.
Again, I appreciate your thoughts.


studio lolo said...

Oh so young.

This is a perfect poem for your friend Gypsy. She would approve, I'm quite sure.

I hope she gets to meet Renee ;)


Deborah said...

OOoo I am ever so excited. Could you be here by 7 tonight? That's when we leave for Nandos. Then we'll come back home and float in the pool. With assistive flotation devices. Just don't try to ride the walrus. **kisskiss** Deb

Jan said...

Lovely tribute. Sorry you weren't up to going to the funeral, hope your rest is helping. Been a lot of sadness lately. Feel better soon.

Marie S said...

I am sorry for your hurting heart Anne.
I hope you feel better dear one.
I am sure Gypsy is painting the skies and eating mounds of chocolate cake.
Love and huge hugs.

Karen S said...

Such a lovely tribute -- I love the sky/paint/rainbow imagery.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm so sorry Anne - sympathy to her family.

Robbie said...

Beautiful my friend's son passed away while jogging from a massive heart attach. He was a monk and only 46. My heart hurts for my friend as well...I just want to take the hurt away.....

Elena said...

What a beautiful tribute to someone who sounds like a beautiful soul. I do hope you are finding some comfort from the arthritis.

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