Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goodbye Dear Gypsy

I know this is you, dear friend,
Lighting the skies a brighter color,
pushing the dark clouds away,
you laughter shining through.

I know there is a great reunion
going on in the Hereafter,
and the thunder last night
was the rumbling laughter
and joy from *up there*
traveling down here.

Your "Welcome Home".

I know I will miss you.
I know that you are in a better place.
I know you made the world
a better place.

I am thankful to have been
a small part of it,
shared for a short while.

Until we meet again....

Pax dear Jeannie.


Karen S said...

Such a sweet tribute. --so sorry for your loss.

Janet Ghio said...

Beautiful photo and tribute to your friend!

studio lolo said...

I read that she loved colors so I do believe she put on this show!

Wonderful Anne. I think she'd approve ;)


yoborobo said...

Oh, Anne, this is just lovely. I am so sorry and so sad. She was such a sweet lady. The world is a little dimmer with her passing. Love to you - xox Pam

Jan said...

She seemed such a bright happy spirit. I can't believe she has gone from this world so quickly. She will be missed.

Ces said...

Oh Anne! I am so sorry. I have been thinking of Gypsy because I see her portrait on your sidebar every time I come here. May God give her eternal rest.

Take care dear Anne. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.

Deborah said...

Blessed be God forever, blessed be His Holy Name. Look kindly upon your faithful servant, Gypsy, and gather her at the great banquet, into eternity. Love, Deb

Georgina said...

So very sorry for your loss. This is a wonderful tribute. Thinking of you.

Love ya,

Marie S said...

Oh my dear Anne, I am so sorry.
Another angel shinning brightly in the sky!
Huge hugs dear one!

Anonymous said...

I never knew her but I know you thought a lot of her....I am so sorry for your loss Anne. Beautiful tribute!!
Love You!

kj said...

I can only hope for this expression of love and frindship when I must leave.

I am sorry for the loss of your friend, dear ss Anne. I've been drawn to gypsy's face since you adopted me ( and I you) and her kindness and goodness is very evident

love to you today Anne,

Robbie said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend...I'm just catching up on reading blogs!!! And no disrespect to your loss but "love the chaps"! You are one tough mama!!

Elena said...

So very sorry. What beautiful words and photo.

Leslie said...

Wonderfully heartful and reduced me to tears, thank you for the lovely tribute.

Serena said...

A beautiful tribute to your dear friend, Anne. I'm so sorry for your loss ~ xo

Gloria said...

Sorry Anne for the loss of your friend. It is always sad to lose someone close. I didn't know your friend but I'm sure she was a great person. She is in better hands now. Take care.

Bunny said...

This is such a wonderful tribute to my wonderful friend. I told her about the photo with the butterflies and she chuckled the day you made that photo. We enjoyed so many hobbies together. When I introduced her to blogging it was a fun fun day for her she loved all her blogging friends. When I left the hospital on Friday evening, for my hour ride home I knew that she was having a celebration as the skies light up I know she was watching me all the way home. I miss her so very much.

Anonymous said...

Only knew Gypsy from your blog but prayed for her daily. So sorry for your loss and for all her friends. Yes she will light up the sky with her reunion at her first and now eternal home. Blessings

Vicki~TheMiddleSister said...

I am so sorry for your loss, Anne. May you have comfort in knowing she is in a far better place. Hugs...

Deborah said...

Stopping by to leave hugs and kisses. And a basket of baby bunnies. I got a gigantic mushroom today...large enough for the Mad Hatter to sit on! Painting it tomorrow. Writing letters SOOOOOOOOOOOON. No really. I'm serious. Will do. AYE AYE Captain.
**blows kisses** Deb

Deborah said...


marianne said...

what a fabulous beautiful colorful sky- nice that it made you think of your friend, and what a wonderful tribute-

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