Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Okay....Why Anne Needs Time Off......

.......I guess I should have been a bit more definite with what I put in the can for today's post.
I am an old fart. I have pretty bad arthritis, and it is not responsive to the meds. Acetamenophin does as much as the expensive Rx stuff...which is SQUAT.
My right arm is KILLING ME. I mean, numb from the shoulder to the hand, and the weather is cold and wet. 
I have spent too much time piddling on the computer---have had a TON of photo files I had to clean up, been enjoying blogs, mine is always slow to put up because it's *MOI*.
And the mouse has finally had it's revenge. I can't use those gel wrist rest pads because of two old breaks I had on the arm.
I can feel little with the whole of my right wrist to fingers other than pain.
So, I need a couple of days to just think about the *hows* of doing what I want blog-wise (not quitting or going on a long hiatus) and then figure out all the other *stuff* like, oh, work, art, house, husband.......
I am sure y'all understand......I just have to get off this machine for a bit.
It will last all of about two days most likely.
You know me.  ;-)



yoborobo said...

Rest, rest, wine, rest, rest, wine. :) Take care of yourself, my dear. I am a bundle of old age owies myself. We need to hold a Wine and Whine Festival. Some place warm were I can wear my muumuu and sip something with an umbrella sticking out of it. Stay warm - it is cold and wet here and icky and dark outside. boo hoo hoo. xoxo Pam

Diana Evans said...

Hi Anne!!!I feel like I need to take a bit of time off too...I have a new book project and some fun things in the works...so it has been busy for me and time off sounds like fun!!!

enjoy your time away and I love your note on my blog...your Dad was hilarious....


Gloria said...

I have arthritis too Anne. Both knees, elbows, wrists, fingers and now my ankles. Sometimes I get the shots in my knees but I have no time for that kind of pain. Those shots to the bone kill me. I take Alieve and it does help me somewhat. Like today, I put on my ankle boots, sort of like hiking boots and they are new. I thought I'd wear them to go take care of errands and then because they have a slight heel, I started to feel it in my ankles. The first thing I thought of was Alieve. That's what I am going to go do right now before I leave. Sorry about your pain and enjoy your time off. Try Alieve though, it may help. Take care.

Georgina said...

Just relax kiddo. I know this damn machine can be a real time eater, as I say, "Leendo bobosadas," translates to , "Reading stupidity!" I'm very guilty of that and I too enjoy my bloggy buds but then I go to other sites then others, then others, you get the jest of it!! Before you know it, your hair's gone completely gray and your clothes are way out of style!!

So I concur with Dr. Pam, rest, wine, rest, wine...just take care of yourself, coming from one ol' feisty fart to another.

Love ya,

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Rest and nap and enjoy the nature is your own backyard. At present I feel immobilized and i have a ton of things to finish. You are so loved! Now rest! Mary Helen

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Rest and nap and enjoy the nature is your own backyard. At present I feel immobilized and i have a ton of things to finish. You are so loved! Now rest! Mary Helen

Marie S said...

Mornings with out spewing coffee are going to be tough, but I am a big girl, I can handle it. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
The cold weather is brutal on the ole arthy! Wrap up in heating pads and take a break!
Love and huge warm hugs.

Anonymous said...

Rest Sweetie.....We will all be here when you feel better!!

Anonymous said...

That's funny my right hand has been giving me fits. It had hurt for some time and I take one Aleve a day and could take two. I have just this week noticed the pain radiating down the middle finger and then throbbing and throbbing. Guess I have something similar. I will keep on til I have to quit. Hurry back.\

Ima Weed said...

You are Marvelous so do whatever it takes to get you back to us in good shape.

Vicki~TheMiddleSister said...

I'm tired of this weather. Take it easy. I've taken 2 naps today and I'm sure it is the weather related pain.

Janet Ghio said...

It's just a pain (literally) getting old (er). My lower back hurts if I sit too long--my toes get numb etc. etc. Rest up--keep warm--take care!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Aww Anne - take all the time you need. We'll be here when you return and certainly understand the woes of 'Arthur' - he's a horrible person and we hates him. Some days I live on Tylenol for Arthur or Aleeve, depending what's on sale. Take care of you!

Terra said...

Please rest dear, and return when you can. It sounds so painful, so I am hoping rest and keeping away from computers is the grand cure for you.

Leslie said...

See you when you get back!

Julie ZS said...

Hope your days off are restful and that you can figure out how to keep art-making and blogging and oh-yeah-the-rest-of-life. It is a tough one to figure out how to balance it all well enough. I find that I have to keep renegotiating with myself over and over again.

kj said...

zzzzzzzzzzzzz anne. tell your mind it's time for a rest; even the playground will be there when you wake up.

whenever: emily rabbit has a surprise for you on her post today. she says to hop on over. (added for double emphasis by kj: whenever!) as in, no rush!

Marie S said...

Just spewing tea, so I don't miss you!

Christine's Beadworks said...

Definitely rest Anne. The computer is hard to resist, in binds us together and creates connections we wouldn't otherwise have found. But it is hard on the hands, backside, and a time killer. The connections will be there waiting for you so if you are on the computer right now....knock it off and go take care of yourself.

Elena said...

Oh poor Anne! Now I feel guilty for whining on my blog! But I do send you healing thoughts and try to take some hot baths and pamper yourself. You have a tough spirit and I'm sure you will shine through to whatever is right for you. Sending you love hugs{ }

kj said...

i knew it!!

i knew you'd be coming 'round.

as long as it's fun, anne. it has to be fun. ah, but you know that already. that, and your willingness to break the law, is why you are the recipient of the you-know-who award.

your poem is another gem. i think you should post some here. emily is thinking of printing your poems out and selling them for $ 5 each. i told her she should think about cackling, ah, crackling them for added pizzazz.

and she is also thinking that you as ringleader and she as sidekick might be planning and plotting an illegal adventure that includes deb, pam, and marie. count me in, actually. i can pick pockets. did you know that? and i was back up tarot reader for renee.


Robbie said...

Anne, I too have RA and it's so difficult at times to do what I/we do but at the same time I don't want to stop either. sometimes you just have to give 'it' a rest. I'm hoping your 'rest' will help! Heaven forbid we wouldn't have our Anne 'fix'! So take care so you can be 'back at it'!!

chickory said...

i have had two neck surgeries and i will tell you something my surgeons told me...working too much on the computer is a killer. you have to make your self get up every 20 minutes or so.

try hyalauronic acid. its an amazing joint supplement. now, rest! enjoy the cool jazz

Angela Recada said...

Hello dear Anne,

I have complete empathy for you and your arthritis - I have it, too, and it is no fun. No fun at all.

Please take care of yourself. The computer can wait. It takes up too much of our time these days, doesn't it?

Sending you lots of love and hugs,

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Omg goodness. Listen take your breather and rest yourself. I need one myself. Blogging is a lot of work and sometimes we just need to walk away and come back with rested bodies and inspired spirits. You need to pamper yourself. I feel your weariness and while we will miss you, we will all be waiting with baited breathe for your next hilarious post! I love you sweetie, Rest now.

freebird said...

The weather really plays havoc with arthritis. Take it easy. Soak up some sunshine on that arm when you can.

di from di-did-it said...

Please take good care of yourself, Anne!


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