Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy As A Bee......

Yesterday my weeping cherry was in full bloom; a vision of white flower masses, sweet and delicate scent wafting through the heavy breeze, and as I stood close to shoot photos, I was accepted into the company of bees!
The small tree was alive with the buzzing, feeding insects; no fighting, no fear watching them whirl about my head and occasionally bump into me---each on it's own mission to feed from the generous pollen of this glamour-girl.
I watched enthralled. I stood for a goodly while, just allowing the sound of the tiny creatures to mesmerize me, seeing how quickly they went about their work, feeling the swish of a frantic wing upon my cheek.
My grandfather kept bees, and raiding a hive is something totally different....calming bees with smoke, wearing protective clothing, keeping the hive going through the winter; honey is work, both for bee and keeper.
I was merely a priviledged observer. I guess I was a worker bee......shooting my photos, giving them the room they needed and feeling swept away in a rare moment.

Fly little workers, gatherers of all things sweet and sweet smelling! Make use of the short time of these blossoms.......slow to open, too quick to be blown asunder......


Silke said...

Aren't bees most amazing?! I remember them especially from our desert garden in New Mexico. It seemed that every flower attracted a different kind of bee - some big, some tiny. But my favorite ones to watch were the giant cactus flowers - the bees would fly in and practically take a bath in the pollen. I was mesmerized every time...

Thanks for sharing this!! Love, Silke

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Same here Silke. In the summer when the mallows are open, the bees will come out in a pollen coat!
I love bees; we have had a virus that has killed a lot of the honey bees, and then of course there is so much agricultural spraying....the poor things have to fight to exist.
Our yard is full of clover, which they like too.....it is definitely a country yard!


yoborobo said...

Love your bees! We have noticed that there are lots more bumble bees this spring. I just love them - they are like Huey helicoptors. LOL! You know when one is near by. :) And no more talk about being busy, young lady!!!! It's NHD Eve! Preparations must be made! Lounging jammies must be washed! Snacks prepared! DVDs readied for watching! :)) xoxo!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Pam, I am READY!!!
Old sloppy clothes, tea, cake, a good book......oh wait....that's pretty much my normal day! LOL!!
And the girls are still at it....you need to do something.


kj said...

"feeling the swish of a frantic wing upon your cheek"

anne, you are a BRAVE writer! i think i would be panicking at that point.

p.s. ms instigator: there will be NO WWF matches in the center ring! i can't speak for what might happen in the ladies room or if some half pony tailed girl gets wild, but i am now genuinely cozying up to pam. i hope she welcomes me :)

have a loungy day, anne. i'll be waiting for the next screw-the-rules adventure!


Janet Ghio said...

Isn't it just amazing how quickly we suddenly went from winter to spring-almost a snap of the fingers. i am in Missouri and all the trees are flowering here. It is just beautiful, as is your bee tree!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

We're having the same experience here with the cherry blossoms - it was just a sodden muddy world a mere three days ago - and this morning, walking in the square, was like walking under a HUGE fluffy pink cloud!

No bees in sight.

That works for me. :D

audrey said...

Hey, Miss Bee Lady, you are right. Our cherry blossoms were SO beautiful and full this Spring. Yesterday, it was like snow falling in the breeze and poof, they are no more.
There are a lot of "red buds" in bloom now, though, and the trees are all greening up. I am in awe of the beauty of Spring, bees and all. I LOVE it.
Beautiful photos, Anne.
♥ audrey

Deborah said...

ANNEEEEEEEEEE!!!! What a fabulous shot! Both of them. The blossoms, the bee, the Easter green. And oh the depth of field. Swoonilicious I tell ya. Girl, you are good!
**blows kisses** Deb

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

The photographs are exquisite...and listening to the whir of creation as they work so diligently to share the wealth of our earth. My cherry tree is just budding green but soon if the raccoons don't break too many branches I will sit in my porchswing for my porchswing meditations. I am highly allergic to bee stings but I was always amazed by the work of bees in my neighbors flower gardens...thank you Miss Duozzer. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Leslie said...

Still jealous of your Spring being there already. Did you know there was a bee art page on FB, BTW?

Rondell said...

Look at that lil' bee trying to get heself a mouthful of some sweet nectar.

Jan said...

"Who could need more proof than honey? To know that our world was meant to be sweet."
Julie Cadwallader Staub

*Ulrike* said...

Love that picture! Did one of my bees make it your way?! I'm catching up blog reading as last week was sooo busy. Glad that you got your studio finished, and I have a hard time putting things back too! The dutchman breeches is a plant I had just looked at thinking of buying. They look so cute! Wonder who gave them that name? Hope you have a great day tomorrow! I need to read a few more blogs, and then catch up on some "beauty" sleep!
Take Care!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Tried to comment the past couple of days, but my computer didn't want to talk to your blog. Bah. No bees to be seen here yet, but there are a few daffs out (not ours, of course) and the forsythia bush is in full bloom today. Dull, damp and cold day so not good for pictures unfortunately. Supposed to be like this the rest of the week. Sigh.

Silke said...

Happy Sisterfriend Day to you as well! I am going to go buy sewing and art supplies today to mark the special occasion. No Housework either today, right?!? I hope you are doing well!! Love, Silke

Silke said...

Happy Sisterfriend Day to you as well! I am going to go buy sewing and art supplies today to mark the special occasion. No Housework either today, right?!? I hope you are doing well!! Love, Silke

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