Sunday, April 18, 2010

All I Can Say Is WOW.......

            the past three days, I have been the greatful (and surprised!) recipient of five...count 'em...FIVE awards. This leaves me at a loss for words, which some of you might find a bit on the humorous side, since I lean toward the verbose, given half a chance.  ;-)
The first three come from Susie Jefferson (who designed my luscious blog header) at 1st FLOOR FLAT . It was odd because before I opened her post that had me receiving an award, I had been thinking about how much information she puts out into the blogosphere and the amount of time she invests in other bloggers, trying to make the home of their words and art look so lovely and unique, and that she indeed deserved a special award.
Hmmmmmm........I recall instructions coming along with these.......oh boy. It is probably That I have to tell you a bit about myself but for the most part, my life is on this blog!
Let me go on to the second person to surprise me, marianne at marianne's art blog . I was most surprised when I found she had passed the Beautiful Blogger Award on...and believe me, I am anything but BEAUTIFUL at the moment!!! HA! Marianne and I sort of bumped into each other by chance through a mutual list and I have been smitten by her art ever since. If you love mixed media, and I do mean MIXED....wonder things!....give her blog a spin and check out how incredible her work is! (and photos too....I cannot forget those)

Now finally, again, I was gifted with The Deborah Award from my long time friend Jan at Laughing Dog Arts. Jan told me I didn't have to post this but she knows how well I listen at any given moment, and I wanted to give her blog another shout out so here I am Jan! Misbehaving again!!!
All kidding aside, I can't express how much these mean, and it was a heck of a week last week---I mean a stinker.....sometimes things come to you when you need them most.
And now, to pass them on.
I would like to give these out to everyone, but I think maybe I will narrow it down a little and hopefully there won't be wounded feelings or a war......

The Sugar Doll shall go to:

Deborah @ Midlife Poet
Audrey @
Bunny @

The Humane Award is off to:

Jan @
Mary Helen @
Ulrike @
KJ @

One Lovely Blog sent to:

Robbie @
Kate @
M.A. @
Anna Rosa @
Beautiful Blogger is flying to:

Marie @
Gypsy @
Georgina @
Silke @
Elena @
Lulu @
Vicki @
Pam @
Ces @
All The Girls @
Marilyn @

WHEW!!! I am worn out and know eventhough I have scrolled through my blogroll several times, I probably have forgotten someone and if so, just e-mail me and you'll get what you want because I just want ALL y'all to be happy and not fuss!!!
And that is that for today........I think I'm heading for the Tylenol now.......  LOL!!!
The awards will be in the sidebar to grab them from; the top pic is just a montage to get them all in.
I hope EVERYONE has a really wonderful day!



Silke said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! That means I'm going to HAVE to finally do an award post. I am so behind... You are a most wonderful woman and these awards are all well deserved!! Much love and a happy Sunday! Silke

Susie Jefferson said...

Which just goes to show: nice things happen to nice people! Enjoy, and bask in the admiration of fellow bloggers. I'm off to look at all your nominees now.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Silke!

When I got the bundle all at once, I knew I absolutely HAD to sit and get it done. DH came out last evening and asked what I was doing; trying to explain....well...I just said "I have 5 awards and I have to pass them on! NOW!"
It is worth the effort!!! :)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Susia,

Thank you much! Hope you enjoy all the different people; I have gotten to know a lot of good folk and trying to match blog to award sometimes id not as easy as it looks.....and then there is the chance of forgetting it's open ended here.
You want it, ask!
Hope you have had a great weekend!


Bunny said...

Well first of all you deserve all these wonderful awards.You certainly are a wonderful artist and very entertaining in all your posts I love them. Not sure that I deserve a Sugar Doll Reward. I am really not as sweet as you think LOL. I am delighted that you think so though. Thank you that is very SWEET of you to award me.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Bunny,

You and I are both sweet in the same way! (wink!) Yes, you deserve it! Do with it as you wish.
I'm off to studio work today unless DH decides he wants to go shopping, then it is to some neighboring town.
One never knows here......


Anonymous said...

Thanks you so much for the award Anne!! Congratulations on your many awards.
So chilly here....everything looks like it faired o.k. last night. It was actually over freezing...not much but apparently enough.
Good day to just stay in & relax today.
Take Care!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey MArilyn,

I'll have to go out and check things when I am clothed---no night clothes runs today with camera!
I have a robin sitting puffed and pitiful looking on the clothesline, so I am assuming it is COLD.
Have a good day!!!


audrey said...

Good Sunday Morning, Anne!!
Thank you, dear sisterfriend, for the Sugar Doll Award. It means a lot to me that you included me in your awards presentation. I will do my best to be a "Sweet Blogger"!!
Congratulations on all these awards, Anne. You are worthy of each one (I will always remember your series on worthiness). You are a beautiful, fun, very talented lady and we love your blog ~ it is one of the very best out here in the blog world!!!!
Thank you, Anne.
♥ audrey

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne, thank you for thinking of me. There is sure a nice batch of new blogs, to me, to browse through. Congrats on all your awards. It is cold here, 65 in my house this AM. I find it hard to find blogs to pass on awards, but I can't imagine have 5 to pass on. I love your blog, you know that and no matter what, I'll keep coming back. Blessings

The Garden Bell said...

Am I surprised you got so many awards, of course not. Now, look at all the fun places I get to go visit this Sunday morning.

HaPPy SuNdaY,

The Garden Bell said...

WOW.... I just realized I made the One Lovely Blog list... yipee...what a fun, fun way to start my day.

Your the best.

Jan said...

Thanks for the Humane award, Anne. If I had known you had already received so many awards this week, well, I guess I still would have been moved to send you the Deborah award. You just can't help it that you are so special to all of us, that we must shower you with awards constantly!!;-) Thank you for thinking of me!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Thank you dear Anne...I think you deserve every single on of those outstanding awards!!! Thank you for the HUMANE award...there are moments when I speak I ask myself do I dare? Then in a flash I realize our human connection ... and my words may lift another from the isolation of fear of speaking out loud. I love Jan's smiling dog ... it is as if our pets radiate the joy we make when we create and share our journey. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Georgina said...

Hey Lady, thanks for the "Beautiful Blogger Award." Of course, my last blog picture wasn't that beautiful!! hahahahahaha, but ya know what's been goin' on. I know you've been under the gun too, but that's life, full of peaks and valleys. Time to do a bit of climbing, right?? Ok, your knee and hip might give you a bit of problems, so I'll carry you!!

Love ya lots,

Vicki~TheMiddleSister said...

Wow, Anne! Five awards in one day, is that some kind of record?

Thank you for the Beautiful Blogger award. I am excited that my new blog is catching on, and I appreciate the recognition!


yoborobo said...

Hi Anne! Thank you so much, my friend. I don't know if I am a beautiful blogger, more like "She tries real hard not to scare the other people in the grocery store" blogger, but that's a long title. You deserve every single one!! xoxoxox Pam

Marie S said...

LOL!! Hey Doll face, I am with Pam on comment on the Beautiful blogger award. Trying not to alienate people myself!! She is just so funny.
Glad to be in such great company, thank you,thank you, thank you.
You are so sweet to think of me and I love you! and your blog!
And all the awards you have received this last week should come to you ten fold for your generous and honest and humourous way of laying it all on us!!
Thank you again!!
have a great week.
love and hugs

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Audrey,

Hope your kin make it in safe, sound and SOON!!! You always have a Sweet Blog with the pics and wildlife---it was hard thinking about everyone's individual styles and what should go where!
Do enjoy!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


I seldom follow the rules with passing things on to *X* number of blogs because I love finding blogs that fit awards. I think you will enjoy looking through the ones I listed--all people I very much enjoy!
It was downright COLD here this a.m. and has warmed some, but I'm leaving the wisteria covered till tomorrow!
(I *AM* the crazy lady......)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Kate----LOL!!!
Maybe I need to be more specific the next time I send out notices!!! But I was sitting next to a bouquet of lilacs and could barely breathe or I'm not sure what I wrote anyone! HA!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Jan, when I saw that award, and knowing all the stories you have told me about your care of your pets and wildlife, it was definitely YOU. You are one of the most humane people I know, and do your part to make the world moreso!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Mary Helen,

Yes, Jan's Laughing Dog is one of the BEST pics!!! And your blog is a very humane place to be---much more thought-driven than mine, I assure you! (I seem to like my rants!)
Keep saying what you're saying; your blog is perfect!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Georgina,

I thought that last blog pic hit the nail on the head! Beautiful sometimes is not what we SEE, but when I read yours, I know what you ARE!!! (and I love you anyway....HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)
And if you carry me, you better get an industrial strength truss because I'll give you a hernia! :D

Anne....wild-woman at large....

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Vicki,

I'm hoping a little shout out here for it will help get more readers over. I always love your photos and of course little Ayden.
Loved the last post about the house in New Jersey and watching for the flood waters....felt like I was right there!
Keep it up!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Pam---

LOL!!! LOL!!! Grocery stores don't count! (thank God!!!)
Beautiful blogger, in your heart, in your work, in your argue THAT!
And by the way, KJ got an award too, so there will be no quibbling, and Deb got one too, so hopefully everyone is happy....SNARF!!!!!!
I am rotten to the core, yes? :)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Marie,

Let's face it---we're ALL Beautiful Bloggers. In my case, it may take 5 cans of Aquanet and ten pounds of pancake makeup, trowled on.....oh wait, I did not give those out thinking that way! HAHAHAHA!!!!
Beauty is in what we do.... ;)
We all know that!


Deborah said...

AWE! How sweet! Pam and I each got awards! Ooo and KJ. You know how seriously I take these...and the Sugar Doll award! **happy smiles** I have been purposely staying away from the computer this weekend, gardening with the Brawny Man. **blows kisses** Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

It sounds like your weekend has been a bit more exciting than mine, other than getting my *art feet* back under me and then of course, power napping today.
Good Lord, yes, I do know how seriously you all take these awards! (that's probably why I needed a nap....I worried myself senseless!!! HAHAHA!!)


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've never gotten an award in my whole life and to get one for the drivel (mumblings!) I put on my blob is SO nice! Thank you Anne, for the honour, and I'm really looking forward to exploring all the other blogs you've bestowed awards on. Methinks the list of blogs I subscribe to might just be increasing by leaps and bounds!
Thank you again...and you deserve to get five awards every single there.

Robbie said...

i was just catching up on my dashboard, Anne! Thanks so much for the award! You certainly deserve the five you rec'd plus 500 more! You make our day when we read your blog posts!! thanks again!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi M.A.!

I remember my first award---it changed everything.....I am glad I got to do the honors!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Robbie!

You're more than welcome; you do wonderful work and it is always quite interesting to see what you've created! I want to share that with more people!!


kj said...

H alarious

U nique

M Michevious

A larmingly Charming

N aughty

E Ever ready for good friends

this is you, anne!

tsup! and thank you


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ah, good, KJ!!!! I could not have put my brain to work and thought of HUMANE as an acronym!
In fact, this morning, I don't think the brain is working at all.....(not enough coffee yet)
HAve a good one!!!


*Ulrike* said...

I'm finally here! Thanks so much for the award!! I will put it on my sidebar. I have so much blogging catch up to do, but as long as the sun is showing its pretty face you know where I'll be! Plus running the roads to help everywhere else!!
Hope you have a lovely day!
Take Care!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Ulrike!

I know what you mean...this time os year doesn't offer enough days for everything.....I hope to have good studio time today but also have that monster of an acre that may again need whipping into submission....
Enjoy when you have time! :)


April said...

Beautiful! Now that's sweet of you, Anne. Mary set our Blog up, but we all kinda take turns writing on it, so I just want to thank you so much for the award.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi April!

I think it is so neat that you all work on the blog, and I so enjoy seeing what is going on every time it's updated!


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