Friday, March 12, 2010

Worthy Of ENOUGH......

(Thanks to everyone who has responded on these posts; it has been a great privilege for me to be entrusted with different personal views and stories. Tomorrow's post will finish the series; for those of you who have read all along the way, I hope there has been something you can take with you & ponder!)

I have had ENOUGH!
I have ENOUGH!

How different those two statements are. They express almost opposite sentiments and yet flow off our tongues quickly and easily and sometimes the first one is what we say more. So let's delve a bit deeper into being Worthy of Enough.
We all have to set personal limits. It can be a difficult and frightening thing to do, especially when most of us were raised to please others, to never retort, to be silent and unseen. Humanity was not created to live in that particular vacuum, in stasis---we were meant to live in the sun and interact honestly with those around us. Therefore, getting to the point of being able to say (in whatever circumstance is appropriate in your life) "I have had ENOUGH!" is not an easy road.
In fact, the first part of this post links in with yesterday's post about takes a lot to say it, mean it, and stand by it. It takes a lot of self worth to know when you are at that point. It is important to verbalize when enough is really much more than enough. I feel sure we've all walked that bumpy rocky path at some time, and hopefully have reached deep within to cut loose with a loud "ENOUGH!" and then moved forward.

Now, on the flip side of the coin.......are you worthy of *enough* and what is it???
Enough is not succumbing to the fads and flings that surround us daily. Enough is wisdom gained from age, experience, mistakes.....things that have impacted us and we know that the pursuit of the superfluous is, well, superfluous. (and yes, I did have to look that one up in the dictionary for the correct spelling!)
Being worthy of this kind of *enough* is being centered, wise, taking delight in the moments that pass rapidly. It is accepting what we have (in terms of property) and making the best use of it. It is realizing that no matter how little we feel we have, there are those with much less; both in spiritual realization and in the very physical realm of a hard economy.
It is not easy writing a positive statement when I look around the area where I live, and on a daily basis see people doing without due to massive job outsourcing. But there again, it hones a sharper perspective for me of exactly how I am blessed with and worthy of ENOUGH. What I have is more than sufficient, so how do I share and do it with respect towards the integrity of others?
How do I learn to be content in a mass media market constantly pushing more and more into my wallet cross-hairs......trying to coerce me to buy-buy-buy? (remember Anne....Enough...)
How do I walk away from the sales, the bargains, the *things I need*...(do you Anne? really?)
Do I cloister myself away and ignore all I can? Do I need blinders and ear plugs? Do I need to just not leave the house?
Well, in my case, yes. Sometimes that is what I do. And that is when I find, within myself, my studio, my heart and my life, that I am worthy of many many moments that are Enough.
You are worthy of that too. The moments of peace, without want, without greed, without fear, without pressure; when the very act of being is Enough. You deserve that, and the wonderful sense of everything being right in your world that comes with it.
What you have within you, in your soul, in your psyche, in the deepest recesses of your heart-of-hearts is enough and you are worthy of knowing that and not having anyone try and make you feel less.
You are completely ENOUGH.
And I like you that way.
If I remember correctly, the quote in the photo is from a book read back in my childhood, which I believe was "Rabbit Hill" and it hit the nail on the head......

"There is enough for all."

And you're worthy.



Anonymous said...

This is 2-fold for me.....I have had "enough" from a certain set of in-laws! After 40+ years of over-the-top abuse I have stood my ground & stated enough is enough!!
on the flip side...when it comes to the junk that is being hurled at us thru the media outlets I can say I have "enough" & never give it another thought!!
....a very good place to be!!
Love You Anne!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ah, totally got it. (I was not sure this post would read easily...) Enough is such a double edged word, depending on it's usage.
And good for you with the FIRST meaning!!! Huzzah!♥♥♥


Vicki Miles ~8-) said...

I have found that once I got the courage to draw the line and say "enough drama", it has been easier to draw or hold the line.

The other "enough"...being forced to house the stuff from 25 years of business, 2 art studios and a supposedly grown daughter's apartment taught me very quickly "enough stuff".

I just wish I had "enough" energy, that has been zapped by fibromyalgia and depression, to do my daily activities and get rid of this stuff.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I hear you Vicki. I take what little energy I have left and have a 15 minute period most days when I try and clean out ONE THING. Then if it's good, I find a home for it or take it to Goodwill.
Paring down (especially when you're not going 100%) is hard, but probably one of the most useful things to do.
Take care!!!


Bunny said...

LOL there are many things I say enough is enough. When someone wants me to fall into their trap I now stand up for myself. I know when it is time to say enough is enough to myself so that my BP does not go over the top. I am leaning more everyday to stand hard. I have to laugh when it comes to my hobbies to say enough supplies. I have learned when I am on my way to a quilt shop or a sewing festival to look at my stash before I go so I don't get trapped when I do have Enough LOL.
Always learning more ways to say Enough is Enough. Thanks for all these thought provoking posts Anne they have been so good for me.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Bunny,

I bet we could have competing art/sewing stashes!!!
I am FINALLY at the point where purging some of it feels good....I know my *Enoughs* too, and find that the more you stand firm, the easier it is, even if it's just to keep the BP from going ↑ !!!
Glad you have enjoyed more to endure!! LOL!!
Take care...


audrey said...

Sometimes, Anne, when we have been programmed to "take" abuse (and that can be many, many things anywhere from verbal issues to spousal abuse to solicitation phone calls ~ an endless list), you finally come to a point of ENOUGH and make it so!! And what a feeling of freedom.
As for the other side of this, it is difficult for some to know when they have ENOUGH. We truly do not need much to be happy - a full heart, the basic necessities, and a few pleasures.
A meaningful and well written post, Anne. Your writings are definitely book worthy!!
♥ audrey

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Audrey---I am always glad to see when there is one more person who knows when to say ENOUGH in the first sense, and on the second one, well, that is a perpetual learning curve.
I am still learning....I'm not giving up! :)


Deborah said...

It was a blessed day when I realized that I am enough exactly the way I am. I have everything I need. Happy weekend, my beloved Blonde Friend! Now put those stilletos on and go bother someone!
**blows kisses** Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL Deb!!!
I'm going for the Zebra print clogs today. as I will be spending the day sewing like mad...well, sewing beads on, which is slow at best.
I'll save the heels for a more active day!!!


Leslie said...

Again, a great post, never can get "enough" of your pithy words. However, I can't get enough of the value of the friendship I feel for you. Love you and so glad that the year from Hell is behind you. Love and even more stuff, cuz you can't get "enough" of that.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Even though I joke about wanting - or needing! - this or that or the other, I'm certainly aware that I have enough, more than enough, THINGS.

But I've had enough with our government and what it's doing to us. I voted for a man who I thought would bring change - and it's just more of the same. The only change is that it's gotten more contention and mean-spirited and ugly.

The one thing will never have enough of: friends. Is it possible to have too many people to care about or to care about you? nah.

OH! - and I've had enough of American Idol, as they kicked off my favorite last night. Now THAT'S important stuff.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks got creative with my words!
Love you too---glad you're my friend, brave woman!!! :D


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Tristan....LMAO!!!! Not at the government part (because it is just a hopeless mess) but at the A.I.---I never watch those shows because I know my temper and it's just not good! (well, you know it too---HA!)
Yes, friends are the thing that falls into *never enough*. Good friends.
What a blessing!
Condolences to you on American Idol......should we go kick someone??? LOL!


*Ulrike* said...

I couldn't agree more! Once again a good post, and I'll have to send it on over to my daughter to read. The only thing I could never have enough of is the love from my family and friends!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Ulrike!

Yes, again, like Tristans comment, good friends and family are a blessing! A real one!!!
Hope your daughter enjoys it too...


Georgina said...

Anne, I like this one. I suppose the reason this particular post speaks to me the loudest is that I came to the conclusion long ago, that I was happy with what I had...I was blessed with enough. However, my family and probably some friends take that and think that I have just settled. No, I settled years ago when I married my first husband...that was settling. But people thought I was on my way since he was a wrong they were!

After my divorce, I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment since the IRS owned my wonderful house and I couldn't afford the $40K repairs to the house, so I gave it to him. I discovered then how happy I was, just my Ian and me in our little apartment surrounded my some of my favorite things and visits from my daughter and my little grandson...I was so happy. I realized I didn't need the Junior League or the Dental Assoc. or everything connected with being the wife of a professional, which I might add, I wasn't very good at it...was a little out there for most of them.

I met my husband, a man who identified himself with just being a regular hard working guy, loves his Cowboys and Miller Lite...I was in love!! I live in a 2000sq.ft. house, needing lots of remodeling, but we have a new roof over our heads, plenty in the fridge, a studio and a place for the 2 of us and sometimes more of us, depending which family of children and grandchildren are visiting. My mother is not happy with my wedding bliss and oh yes, remember, I'm fat and sloppy. She doesn't really care for my husband, something I've never told him, because he can't provide with what I grew up with and what the dentist had also provided, for a while, but he turned out to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors. The poor man moved into his mansion with the new wife, drives the best, but had to steal from his own parents to get what he felt he deserves. His office receptionist has been given a list of creditors phone #'s and doesn't answer the phone at his place of I remember those constant calls from people he owed money too and how glad I was to give them his new number when they kept calling me looking for him!!! LOL Glad I'm no longer involved with that. At some point in your life you say enough of the climbing the ladder, you're getting too heavy for the rungs anyway!! LOL

I'm a happy soul who can now be who I always was, someone who appreciates what I have and feel so blessed...I never needed that much and the only person who can see that, other than my husband, is my sister...she knows my true soul.

I've rambled far too much, but like I said, this one is my favorites because it's who I am and something I have tried to instill in my children...not doing well, but it's hard for that generation.

Thanks and Love ya mucho,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Georgina,

Lovely comment!
Summed up; by losing all that the world considered *everything*, you have found more and more and more of *enough*....beyond measurement!
And I am very happy for you!!!♥♥♥
You could have written the post my dear! ;)


Jan said...

Another good post, Anne. You always say something thought provoking, and your commentors do too. I read them all. For now, I've been on the computer long enough so with this comment I'm off. Have a great day!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Jan!

I just a natural born provoker....LOL!!!
I, too, am off for more work, heat pad strapped to the back. Oy.
Take care dear!!!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Anne we are blessed to be this ifs and or buts. Your words are true to the point...I have everything I need right not to get the work done... you bless me dear lady...where are you getting zebra clogs :o)???
Imagine and Live in Peace,NOW,
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Mary Helen,

I got them from Chadwicks catalog last Fall---had a BOGO and they came in wide, which I never find, plus they were made in Italy (i.e. made well) and were not really expensive. They are sturdy work shoes with a quirky flair!
I have everything I need too; enough so that it confuses me sometimes.
That is why I feel like it is time to purge, and further pare down what I really *need*. To make it just Enough as opposed to WAAAAAY Enough!
Take care!!!


yoborobo said...

Anne - At this point in my life, I am really evaluating how I am spend my time and with whom. I am finally comfortable being with little old me. :) And the only thing I don't ever seem to have enough of is art supplies! LOL!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said... that hint for MORE???? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
I'll tell your *nephews*...
I just discovered the Dick Blick gift card DH bought me for Christmas.....ART SUPPLIES!!! I just have to decide now....eeeeeuuuwww. Hard. ;)


Marie S said...

This such a great post.
I have had enough of cancer.
I am so much more than enough.
I am already perfect too.
And so are you my friend.
Love and huge hugs to you.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Perfect said it all in a handful of words.
Hope you are doing okay ♥♥♥.
Take care....


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Once upon a time (you feel a story coming on?), back when my kids were small, I went through a period where I was totally overwhelmed with life and all it's demands and keeping up with a home and kids and MESS. A very good friend recommended that I read a book (whose title escapes me but it was something like 'Enough is Enough' or 'Just Say No'). The point of the book was that, when someone asks you to do something (like work on a committee), immediately say no (unless it's something you really, really are keen on doing). Don't explain why the answer is no, just stick to it. Then, after you've had time to think about it and if you really do decide you want to do 'it', then it's most probably not to late to call and say that you've changed your mind or that your time has become available. I have discovered the advice in that book to be so totally invaluable and have used it time and time again. Sometimes the things you're involved in at the current moment truly are 'enough' and adding one more thing to the mix can put you over the edge.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes, M.A., I had to learn this the hard way.....and it took a long time to sink in. But once it did, WOW! You begin to feel more human and have more time to deal with all the things you need to.
I still occasionally have trouble with *no* on certain projects--well, I did up until this last hip bout.
Now *No* roll off the lips easier.... ;)
And I wish I knew exactly what book you read; it would be most interesting!


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