Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Monday Morning......

A quick and late check in to Blogland; sorry this is a short one, and again I am behind visiting all y'alls blogs.....but this was too humorous not to pass along.
The other day in the throes of the worst of the IP problems, my friend Vicki posts the following photo on her blog.........just for ME! In fact, the caption below said photo was "Hi Anne!"

(copyright Vicki Miles, 2010. used with permission.)

I encourage you to take a quick click over......we both had a good laugh off it! I mean, at some point there has to be humor even in the worst of fit-throwing and connectivity issues!

I am off for another day of heavy studio work...If I don't check back in for a few days, well, they either tied me in a knot at PT or I have been swallowed by the carnivorous sewing machine, wrapped like a tasty Spring Roll in banner fabric and deep fried....sigh.....

I'd rather be blogging!

Have a good week, do something you love, laugh, enjoy Spring moments if you have them, and above all else.....



Anonymous said...

Today starts off with the temps going up past 50!! WOO HOO!! You can almost feel Spring ((almost)) in the air!!
Enjoy the Day!
p.s. Gonna' shoot you an email later!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Actually, I am not sure how warm it will be here. I guess I have stayed in this *hole* (studio) kinda like the groundhog...LOL!!!
Later today I have to go buy 2 bookcases to put together. DH is going to help me, to finish the rearrange of the studio, so I'm freed to work.
I do love him!
HAve a good one Marilyn!


Vicki Miles ~8-) said...

LOL! Glad you liked Spam-Man.

You forgot, it's Springbreak, too!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh no....I didn't forget that!
I'm sitting here trying to think what the H*LL I'm cooking tonight! I have to cook all week, plus everything else....


Deborah said...

Happy sewing, Anne! Did the necklace alarm arrive yet???? teehee... **kisskiss** Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh yes Deb.....and I am duct-taping it to my tired old ass!! LOL!!! Now if I just don't land on it....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
yeah, I've gotten nothing done with stupid phone calls over things that I am wondering why the other person is talking?
I think the phone is going *unplugged* again today....and infinitum, ad nauseaum......


Jan said...

That's a fun photo! I'll have to go over to her blog and check it out. Hope you have a productive day and that you and DH can work together in harmony.

Georgina said...

Love that pic!!! I went to Viki's site and she said they went to the Spam Museum...are you kidding me????? Spam has a museum!!!!!????

I hate Spam!!! It's so 50's and my mother being a true post WWII mommy and wife, served that caca to us...never liked it and she stopped buying it after she found out the caloric de-value!!! It's making a comeback, though...even making burritos out grandparents are rolling in their graves!!!

Hope all is well and just hang in I told you in an email, if you don't hurt, you must be dead!! LOL

Love ya you insane, crazy woman you!!


You don't have any vert words on your comment window!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Anne I love your your sense of humor...Spam Man is an awesome get back to work so we can play soon! Love You! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Jan,

I'm not sure how productive the day has been; but I did run to town to get the shelves, then got behind a massive funeral procession.
It gave me time to listen to the birds sing and feel the cool air....
As to DH and I, well, you and Steve???? :D


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Georgina, YES! There IS a Spam museum!!! When Gary was TDY, he got a flier on it!!! I thought I would roar---it was very funny how it was promoted.
We used to eat it a lot. I doubt the ingredients are the same now....I actually used to like it.
So yes, I am a crazy woman! LOL!!!


P.S. Sorry about the lack of vert words; I guess I'm a no-fun old fart! HA!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Mary-Helen,

Sometimes, trying to actually WORK here is an oxymoron. I try; then there are blockades....
I'm officially ripping the phone out of the wall this afternoon. Maybe I'll have a ceremony....SNARF!!!


Marie S said...

Happy productive monday woman!!!
I love the spam man he is darling.
I will have to go check miss Vick out!
I hope you get tons done today and I will talk to you soon.
Love and hugs.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Marie!

Yep, been busy, but sort of got sidetracked...oh well, it all has to be done sometime...right??? LOL!!
Geting a give-away ready and posts on worthiness!

Take care!!!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

A Spam museum? Now I've heard everything! I used to hate that was right up there with head cheese in my books. Yuck, yuck and yuck!! Oh yeah, and sardines too...who wants to eat something that's looking at you?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi M.A.!

I kid you not, yes, there IS on. The brochure DH brough home had an image of Bigfoot on the cover--the classic one from a distance--it was too funny!
I think we all share different memories of Spam......
Head cheese....oh.....ew! Can't think of that this early! LOL!!!


Ces said...

I love that thing. Where can I get something like that? I love Spam. The edible kind.

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