Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Easter Banners Have Officially.....

(part of the itchy offenders........sans beads....)

.....been started. I spent half a day getting foamcore up, fabric spread out, pinned, measured, etc etc........
I was only crawling on the table twice and a few trips on the floor from side to side. This is going to be interesting, to say the least! The spirit is willing and the body, well, the body has other ideas!LOL!
I also have discovered that *something* in the inported fringe is giving me allergy fits, and I have a LOT of fringe to handle yet. Buy me a 50 gallon drum of liquid Benadryl and dip me! (now I know how sheep feel being sent for their requisite *sheep dip*.......hmmmm.....)
On Sunday afternoon, when everyone else was watching pre-superbowl foo-foo I was starting the construction of the tassles, so I guess I have my Mojo back and somewhat working, or I am toeing the line of panic mode on getting these OUT in time for the holiday when they are to hang. My guess is panic.......and then there is the next large piece.....
At any rate, I may not have interesting things to post for a bit ("See, I sewed a seam"...."See, I sewed 6 billion beads"...."See, I sewed myself to the banner! HA!") unless the weather allows me to get some cool pics to post! And I am too lazy to go through my old photo files and find something.
So, y'all know where I will be, and what I'm up to.
Now, adding to the daunting studio task at hand, the fact that DH's work has already been delayed until 10 a.m. with snow that is coming down very fine and very fast says two things to me:

White-out blizzard conditions.

Quantity I can handle fairly well--there's food in the house and gas in the propane tank, there is gas in the small can for the snowblower, but blizzard conditions bring on power outtages, and when we lose power, we lose EVERYTHING. Lights, water, and even with a gas furnace, heat---as the days of the pilot light are long gone. So I will no doubt be doing my ritual reminiscent of that one Mel Gibson movie, where the little girl has glasses of water all over the house! I swear to you, I think of that when I start drawing up large buckets and baths and pots and pans of water.......
And of course, this being a home of around 17 years, there is NO alternate heat source. I have pushed for a  gas fireplace for the same amount of time, and the pleas fall upon deaf ears.
I know Indiana in the Winter, and she can be a real bitch when she wants to!
Now that the *whine* is out of my system, I feel better, thank you! ;-)
So I am off for some extremely quiet moments of coffee and prep work and praying this storm passes quickly and with whatever level of safety is possible in such.
In the meantime, I hope all who read today are safe and warm, and please if you can, stay in and be creative! The weather is such a good excuse!



Ima Weed said...

Snowing here in central Kentucky, too. Hope every time I have an urge to eat i also have an urge to create.

Linda Moran said...

Gonna be almost 60 here again today, with more rain moving in tomorrow - could rain on our parade to go see an Ansel Adams exhibit....

Now you BE CAREFUL with all that moving around. Hubby got the itching problem when he worked for London Fog and they would get shipments in from China - who knew what was in that stuff......

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

It's still snowing like crazy; I was out shoveling the drive and got busted by DH---standing at the garage door making me come in!
Well, half of it is done......and I am ready to EAT!!! My gosh--I'm not a breakfast person but biscuits and gravy are sounding REALLY GOOD right now!!!
Stay warm!!!


marianne said...

sounds like you're going to be busy! hope the weather cooperates! and i can't wait to see the finished product-

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

OMG....Ansel Adams. I am pea green with jealousy! (well, not really...just a tidbit envious!)
I really worry about what is in these fringes and fabrics. The past few times I have had mild issues but when I ordered this stuff well, last summer, it STUNK when I opened the box and I have left it open since. This was from a new supplier and I am sure the source was India. It smells like wood shavings, wood smoke and chemical...best I can describe it.
I tell you, this is the LAST of the banners due to foreign suppliers.....oy.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Marianne,

I can't wait to see them either! See them done, see them in the car, see them driving up the rod to their new home! LOL!!!
Hopefully will be able to manage okay and get them OUT and on to more creative things, like the wallhanging...... :D


yoborobo said...

I can hear that little voice of PANIC in your words, Anne. Nothing like having a weather event to coincide with a deadline to create lots of STRESS. I hope your power holds. I hope our power holds. We are supposed to get 10 to 20 MORE inches today.
I am officially ready for Spring! LOL! Stay safe and warm. I know you'll get the banner done. xox Pam

Anonymous said...

Well..... We are in line to get this storm. They said it could be up to a foot. I know, I know, not really that bad for here. DH left this am for 2 day run & I am full with gas in the
snowblower....Pantry is full & if we loose power we just loose the furnace & lights. Not the gas heater in the sunroom or the water & flush...Thank God!
Today I am gonna' stay in my jammies..... Watch some movies & knit!! MY DAY!! DH says I deserve it...Gotta' Love him!!
Have a Great Day!! Don't work too hard....

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Pam....yes, I think panic-mode has set in, though right now I am trying hard to IGNORE that niggling voice??? <:)
I hope you guys don't get that much...that this thing sort of just dwindles away.
I occasionally hate Spring due to severe storms, but I have just HAD IT with this winter! ENUFF!!!
(let's go to NOLA and celebrate, instead of freezing and shoveling!!!)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Marilyn,

It IS your day!!!! I am thinking I may get little done but cook until afternoon...soup, cake, bread---heavy stuff that's easy to warm on the stovetop...just in case.
Oh yes. And draw water.
I miss the old kitchen hand pumps, and I never thought I would say this-----out houses had their perks! HA!!!
HAve a good one!!!
I'll kick back at sometime and read "domiKNITrix" that I got yesterday. Think I'll knit the red, horned Devil hat....it seems so, well.....ME. >:)


The Garden Bell said...

A little {whine} when it's white outside is perfectly exceptable. I get it.

Love your tassles. They look like they are made by a pro. But, millions of little beads... Get those readers ready, more power to you.


P.S... Love the jazz.

Bunny said...

Love the tassels beautiful did you actually make those wow.
We will get some of that snow too but it is amazing for us to not have any on the ground so far this winter.

Ces said...

Hi honey, I love your comment and will expound on it later because I am at work right now but wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your visits and introspection.

Now, please tell me you have a fireplace? I have a fireplace in Texas and I think we used it once last year.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Kate,

Wanna do the beading???? LOL!!!
These won't have *that many*, really...it just will FEEL like it. I start with a small premade tassle and then build them up to the typ that cost around $50 ea. It's an economical way--the only way--to do it!
off to winter-wonder-land....pffffft!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Bunny---

I get a small premade tassle. Then I start layering in all the other fringes, little tassles, beads etc. They look really marvelous when done.
But it is a job....


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Ces!




Deborah said...

Anne, get hubby a hearing aid!!! Here's hoping you don't lose power. **blows warm kisses**Deb

Georgina said...

Hey we still have a pilot light water heater...when it gets windy, like today, sometimes it blows out and we have to re-light. My 87 year old mother knows how relight hers too...she's a pro at it now!! LOL

Well, one thing for sure, you can't get into too much trouble snowed in, so I'll do it for you...already caused a bit of a stir at Target, so I'll give you that one!!!! Blame it on Anne!!!

Hope you see Spring soon, but Spring around here means exchanging real estate with Mexico and New Mexico....yuck, but in between the Sahara sandstorms, it's gorgeous!!!

Have a great and productive day, like you don't have much of choice!!

Love ya,

Leslie said...

Can't wait to see them, if stuck in house, progress of sorts can be made. One more shawl finished, working up another as we had 7-8 inches here ourselves.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Deb,

I was thinking more like my Doc Martens boots when I can swing that leg good again..... >:)
Things are semi calm here; just more snow. I don't know when the wind is to pick up.
Like with kids...you wonder when it gets too quiet!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Georgina,

I'll take the blame for whatever mischief you've been up to! HA!
I've spent the whole morning in the kitchen cooking up a huge pot of gumbo and need to get back in and get a carrot cake going. Then cornbread and some rice....
The place is TRASHED, so obviously I have to wash up too.
DH is shoveling snow.... :D


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ooooo Leslie, love the shawls you've been doing. I would MUCH RATHER be sitting knitting but the issues of food reared it's ugly head.....
Anyway, I think I'm going to knit that Devil Hat out of domiKNITrix!
It will go good with the flame mobile and make people stare.....LOL!!!!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

We're supposed to be getting a two day blizzard starting tomorrow. ugh.
I'm so bloody sick of it.

Love that fringe - very lush. Looking forward to seeing what you're going to do.

I haven't done anything since my recuperation except go down my blog list and visit LOL.

Susie Jefferson said...

I hope your weath is easing up a little - we've just gone to below zero temperatures again, and more snow (you would not believe HOW unusual this is for the UK, and especially London) and we are freezing in this little flat. I knew I should have bought a room heater and not just depended on the central heating.

RE the tassels: how awful there's something you are allergic to. I believe there's some handcream available, called Liquid Gloves, or something similar, which might help. And Piriton - I know this knocks you out the first day, but after that you get used to it, and it really really helps. I've developed an allergy to glitter (sob) and embossing powders (double sob). I always was allergic to dust, especially cement dust, so I guess it's old age...

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Gosh Anne,
Your posts are sooo funny to read sometimes.
Ah, I don't envy you having Blizzards.
Some advice, just order that heater yourself and have it installed. DH(dear hubby) will calm down when he's warm and cozy.
Warm hugs,

Jan said...

Those tassels look like little choir girls lined up for the Christmas festival. I hope your power stays on and that you don't sew yourself to the banners in the dark! You will be very jealous to know that it is a beautiful sunny warm day here in Oregon. Don't let that secret out, we don't want people moving here and filling our state up;-)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This might qualify as too much information, but when I read the part about sheep dip I was reminded of something and now I have to share (only because I know your sense of humour rivals mine!). 30 years ago when DH & I were dating, we spent a day at the Royal Winter Fair - where they have...sheep! Well, that night when we got home we did some pretty heavy-duty necking (yeah, yeah...we were young once!) and his beard ended up removing a great deal of the skin around my mouth. What to tell people? Hmmm...I KNOW, said I...we'll tell them I was petting the sheep and I'm allergic to sheep dip!! Do you suppose anybody believed me?

Anonymous said...

Stay in, that's what I do. Can't get the door open anyway.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Blizzards are scary but as long as we have our power we can make do and surprisingly I have not been all that productive. Routine duties and answering phone calls, cooking for the armies, and watching the birds from my window in the studio! I have meant to say the young priest wearing his new gear is so lucky to have you and Tristan in his design corner. Boy does he look young! I love the sheep dip story! WooHoo! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Deborah said...

HA! I just read your comment above about the Doc Martens. You have Doc Martens! Oh Anne, you frighten and excite me all at the same time! Post a pic of you wearing them please and thank you.
**happy smiles** Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


Which ones? The Mary Janes or the good old school Punk Black Boots with the thick soles???
I am a harmless old punk.....kind of like the toothless lion; big roar, not much else anymore!!!
When the weather warms....I'll have to get DH to do a shoot in my Docs and new Schott Perfecto 118 motorcycle jacket.
yes I'll wear pants......


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