Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Should things get quiet here....

......don't worry. We have some seriously cold weather coming in and usually the broadband goes down with the frigid temps. I noticed today that the internet was not working properly and I could not get the comment box to connect to reply. But I could read you all!
Therefore....if there is silence, I have NOT been doing something I wasn't supposed to and bunged myself up. Just making that clear. I am behaving. >:-\
It's just the weather......pffffft!!!
(all I wanted was snow, not the North Pole....)
Snuggle up and stay warm y'all!!!



Anonymous said...

Gee, anne...I have been under the weather..since Jan 1...finally got to see dr yesterday...she sent me to emerge..after 12 hours there.. I learned the CT scan showed nothing wrong.. i had been having pains in lower left side of my tunmmy! Of course that ruled out a number of things, for which i am grateful...i believe it has been a muscle strain...so, may take some time...geeze..no way to start my new year! lol!
I sure have missed a lot here in your blog! ..loving your new art work...so great to see you back in business!..in spite of the cold.. please keep it up!
Luv ya, gypsy

Leslie said...

Sad/glad to know that you are staying out of trouble, but may be off line..

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Gypsy,

YOU take it easy too and hope the strain goes away soon. Those are not fun to deal with.
I'm just doing what I can, which is less some days, more others....listening to the body! ;)
Stay warm and relax as much as possible...okay, that's like me relaxing but...you know, it does work.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey LEslie,

Yeah, with what they are predicting, usually we have intermittent service when it gets to single digits and disgusting windchill.
So I'm okay....I haven't climbed out the window to clear snow from the satelite dishes or anything....LOL! (I have done that before....among other stupid things)
Just may not be able to be in cyberspace! WAH!


yoborobo said...

That is just TOO cold, Anne. I'm not sure I would ever come out of my warm beddie if I were in your shoes. At least the wind has died down a little here, I was seriously starting to feel like Dorothy! Stay warm and nest. xox Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh I'm always ready to get up, due to old age and a certain organ that DEMANDS my attention in the a.m.
AHEM!!!! ;)
At least the studio is warm enough to work....at least for now! That may change at any time, so trying to take advantage of it as I can....
You could glue yourself to your worktable....just in case it gets windy again. :D Yeah, I'll pay for that!


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