Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ad Interim Adieux......(and I'm on "She Who Blogs"!!!)

......I'll be back hopefully by the first of next week, if not sooner, with some humorous stories of my *great adventure*! And again, thanks to all of you who have written and expressed well wishes, prayers, white light...I feel wrapped in love! :-)
In the meantime, I have been featured on "She Who Blogs" today: http://shewhoblogs.typepad.com/she_who_blogs/2009/12/el-milagro-studio-little-miracles-of-art.html and as am happy as if I was in my right mind, which I am not! So please pay a visit to Frances' blog and have some happy thoughts! She does a lovely job promoting other women bloggers and I am delighted at the feature, plus, she couldn't get past that baby pic of mine...*wink wink*!!!
As you read this post, I will have disabled the comments until I return; am sure you all understand.
My blessings and thoughts are with each and every one of you who read.
Take care, stay warm, and find time for rest and to enjoy a season passing far too quickly.
I bid you.....


P.S. If you really need to tell me something, e-mail from my profile page, or leave a comment on a previous post. I'll find you....it will just be slow response time!  ;-)