Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Muchas Gracias!!!

.....to all of you who stopped by and sent greetings to my hubby for his birthday; I can tell you he was delighted, surprised and happy! Thus, this heart is for all y'all!!! Bless you much for extending your kindness to my DH. :-)
A short post as-- and yes, this is going to sound odd --I am miserable and can barely breathe; the soybean harvesting has begun and for those of you never around it, I can assure you it is like the sulphurous emissions from Hades. Except they don't have minuscule barbs that stick in the lungs and mucus membranes.......eeewwwwww. Keep trying to hide from it; the studio is fairly air tight but my runs outside in the nightclothes to take photos don't help the situation. What can I say....
The picture I missed:
(and I should start this as a daily thing...)
Driving to town as the sun was sinking into the west, I looked up at a telephone wire and saw, on both sides of the pole, both wires, up and down, so many doves it was impossible to count. The silhouette of the birds against a bright and lightly clouded sky was exceptional. Absolutely EXCEPTIONAL. It was a moment of peaceful epiphany, a divine glance.
And of course, the camera was at home......
I'm serious on the heart---this one's for YOU! Click, save, print, keep, collage with......I did a few of these tiny things and almost lost my mind (from the ant biting session in yesterdays post) so someone might as well enjoy it! (if you use it in commercial art, please give a bit of credit....okay? thanks!)
Now, to work.
My heart milagro, I give to you. You deserve it.



Ces said...

Terrible to think that what's good for you smells awful. Okay I am glad to hear the SOB (Shorness of breath) is temporary for I was alarmed until you stated the reason.

As for blogger and camera. You need to get a camera implanted on your body! Hahahaha!

Good morning dear Anne. I hope you have a wonderful day. I am catching up on my sleep. So not a lot of blog gallivanting. Tsup!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Dear Ces...

SLEEP!!! I won't be up if DH didn't have to work today....I'm in PJs protesting the dark of the morning!
Oh, every year when they combine, I get miserable. It is a different feeling than anything else, I alwys know what it is and when they are trying to beat rain (as now) the work goes on all night. so there's TONS of crap in the air. I took a few hits of albuterol and the SOB disappeared. Always works.
I do need a camera in my forehead or something.....hmmmmmm...... ;)


Marilyn said...

Mornin' Anne!!
I never realized soybeans emitted such noxious fumes. Hope they get it harvested & over with soon.
Chilly & showers here today. Good day to sit & read.... Actually I have been thinking about "tackling" the socks again!
Have a Wonderful Day in spite of it all!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Marilyn,

I think, for me, it is a combination of deisel fumes, mold spore (on the plants because of our humidity level here), and then the fuzz. Most people can't *smell* it----I unfortunately can. I'm such a delicate flower....LOL!!! Yeah, right.
I started another pair of socks yesterday while lazing about. Just take your time with them and start with a SIMPLE pattern and larger yarn. You can see the stitches easier.
Yes, this is excellent sock knitting weather and I am having to remind myself to SEW. NOW. OR ELSE!!!


Linda Moran said...

Take care with your breathing. This sounds like one miserable allergy.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Linda...

It's just the usual living here. I forget about it till it hits.
Then I remember really QUICK!!! :)
Looks like rain (oh PLEEEEEEEZEEE!!!) and that helps calm it down.
Saw your sky pic sight on FB---wow---don't want to be around to see that cloud rolling in!


Deborah said...

I clicked. I saved. I would love to decorate my blog with your beautious heart, if permission granted! So sorry about your lungs. **blows fresh air from the desert** Deb

audrey said...

Good morning you delicate flower!!
Sorry to hear you must suffer through that awful smell. ):
THANK YOU for giving all of us the heart!! Love it.
I have already posted it on my Blog. You are a dear!
It is misting here today and I can't complain as it has been SO beautiful for quite some time now.
Have a "happy" day and I hope you can breath real soon. LOL!
Bye for now.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Dear Deborah, Mom to Milo....YES! You may!
By the way....I think DH is as excited about Milo coming as I am.....go figure!!! :)
Meds kicking in....full of hot aur again!!! HA!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Audrey,

Am much better after meds and coffee and getting some work done (non-stressing life helps....).
I can't tell if it's misting or raining; quite overcast and perfect for a day in sewing. I'm not so easily distracted now! LOL!!! (it takes so little......)
Have WWOZ on the computer listening to good New Orleans jazz....life is good!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh goodness...I can SO identify with you about allergies. We don't have soybeans right close to us, but we do have trees and they do go through those two times a year when they feel they have to do something with their leaves. I haven't been tested to see exactly what leaves I'm allergic to, but I'm pretty sure it must be all of them. NOT nice! Hopefully it rains and your meds work! Take care of you.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey MA,

I have loaded myself up, the hot air is back, and yes---I'm allergic to trees too! Here's the hoot:
We bought this property with nothing but a house on it, then began planting as we could afford. We planted a lot of trees, not fancy, but for wind break and some variation of color.
Almost EVERY TREE that we picked is in the high allergen catagory!!! That is *Anne Luck*!!!
I'm doing fine now---working---feeling better about that too.
It all hits at once, eh?


gypsylulu said...

Oh geeze...to be so close to all that harvesting.. even if you're inside..makes a difference.
I have none of that here, but am finding i need to get out my puffers a bit now..thank goodness for our meds!
Aww, thanks so much for our lovely gift this morning, anne!...
i will definitely grab it!
Glad DH was pleased at all the greetings! i'm sure he will enjoy that special dinner too!
XOXO, gypsy

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Gypsy!

You know, I don't think about what people in the city breathe.....at least here it is for short bouts. And then it's mostly decent air, thankfully!
Have plantains simmering on the stovetop; will fry them with brown sugar and butter, a big pot of crawfish, crispy french bread, some white wine and then a frozen chocolate mousse cake for dessert!
And yes, it's mostly easy to do!
I'm off....any way you look at it!


Georgina said...

I'll keep you in mind when I dine on those delicious little pea pods. The sight on the telephone pole sounded beautiful, but I know that if it were me, they'd all take a royal dump on my car as soon as passed under the wire!!! My trees in both front and back are full of white tail dove...thank God...my ex's neighborhood has pigeons...hehehehehehe!!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh Georgina, after I saw the doves, and was stunned by the *perfect pic not to be* I of course thought of YOU and the bird situation....and laughed!!!
They're just waiting for you, but I think you should get some pidgeon feed and in the dead of night go spread it all around the ex's house..... >:) I mean, the poor birds gotta EAT! LOL!!
And what goes IN, has to come OUT.


yoborobo said...

Hi Anne! Georgina just kills me (sorry, I just read her comment! hahaha!). Sorry those evil soybeans have attacked you. I will eat extra tonight just to show them who is boss!

Keep breathing - xox Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Pam,

Yep, she should be on stand-up comedy shows!!! She is a riot!
I need someone to whip the evil soybeans into submission; you're the girl to do it!!! LOL!!!


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Anne,
Oh dear, that chesty thing sounds terrible. I hope you feel better real soon.
Thanks for the gorgeous heart.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Anna,

If *someone* (who shall remain unnamed!) would remember to start her allergy meds......*someone* might breathe right! HA!
I'm fine now---I just forget till I'm miserable.....old age I guess.


Bunny said...

Sorry I missed your hubby's birthday Happy belated birthday. Love that heart thanks for that gift I will grab it and use it in a special way. Have a great rest of the day.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

hey Bunny, will send him the greetings a day late anyway! We had to have B-Day dinner tonight due to him teaching last evening.....oh my. It was good. <:)


A Stitch In Thyme said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! So sorry it's late Anne's hubby.

Now if I had a dollar for every time I wished I had my camera when I left the house, I would have a house on the beach by now. Tons of times!!!

Indiana has a funny way of showing you why it's okay to be in this state. The most beautiful drop skies can be found this time of year and it's breathtaking.

VIT D... i'm 2000 a day right now but it's looking like it will need to go up. I'm in SO much pain with my legs. Hard to bear.. but I do with help from hubs. When the days are good, I move about as much as I can. When not, I find a good place in my mind and allow myself to be a bit more still like.

Thanks for always coming by to say hello.

Hugs to you

Julie ZS said...

I had no idea about the soybeans, sounds dreadful, hope it is over a.s.a.p.
I have the same thing about missing the perfect photo, we just have to try and store them in our long-term inspirational memory bank file somehow.
I *heart* the heart, thanks!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You two have too much fun...and a joy to see how you both have a wild zest for living. You are both just young pups and have so much time left to HOWL at the moon!!! Yes Ken does have family in Kokomo,IN and we are still planning a trip to Marion before the big 89th birthday for Momma Elizabeth. I am hoping to se if we can work the time in but with the family ...well they are close and do not share well when it comes to time spent. We will probably have Erin with her two little ones also so a lot is up in the air!!! I so love your wonderful wonderful blog...Ken is now reading with pure JOY! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Tammy!

Had to laugh....I'd have a house in the French Quarter if I had a buck for all the times I *wish* I had the camera!!! Such is life and my short memory...
that is one thing about Indiana---there are some beautiful skies I've not seen elsewhere. I record as many as possible.
Hope you're doing better--take care.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Julie,

I think with me, it is just going from relatively clean air to all this dust, deisel, chaff, mold, etc. that suddenly swarms and fills the air.
there are soybeans in the field next to us.....I am DREADING when those are cut, but it rained last night so that helps to calm it all down. Bad for the farmers tho....
I still see the doves....maybe you're right; it's those images that are just for *us* and should translate into some art later....


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Mary Helen,

I thoroughly understand! Family expects you to BE there!!!
I am not sure I would say Gary and I are young pups....this morning I positively feel like a decrepit old FART! Maybe a bit more caffeine....or more than a bit! LOL!!!
Fun that Ken ids reading; I was surprised when DH asked me several times what I had on the blog---he works with computers so much at work I figured he could care less. But he did like the birthday post.... :)
TAke care--have a good one!!


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