Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things Get A Bit More Dicey.....

......What a lovely picture, eh? All pink and purple and transparent and rather intriguing.
Until you learn that what you are looking at is a pneumonia bacteria photo from a microscope, and I'm not putting this up for the fun of it.
I got DH to the Dr. yesterday and indeed, there is a reason he is ill, and you're looking at it above. So once again the *artist/sewing/creative* hat is OFF, and the nurses cap is back on. Hopefully I have had enough bug that I am immune to this one because I have been through pneumonia before and choose NOT to go down that road again.
Therefore (she says with a weary sigh), the posts may be most irregular as I tend to the necessities of life and this virulant flu season.
And now for just a bit of Anne-Acerbicness.......the N.P. who examine Hubby informed me he had NOT had the flu, but a cold and then gave me the MRSA speech. I was biting my tougue, grinding nails into the chair, feeling steam shooting out of my ears and wanted soooooo bad to tell her I was damned well acquainted with MRSA, I knew what he had had due to the symptoms that had presented and in the extremely fast order they progressed, AND that I had worked for an M.D. and knew the difference between a cold and someone who is so ill with influenza that they cannot move.
But I said nothing.
That's enough for Mount Rushmore's carvings to all come to life laughing or fall off.
Pompous old witch........next time, she gets the REAL Anne.........
Okay, rant over. I wish you all health and for heavens sake, if you start feeling bad, get thyself to a physician!
Maybe someday I will have art or fiber art to post on here....this is getting to be a rather unpleasant business of just posting health updates. (or lack of health, as the case may be!)
As always, this frazzled woman who occasionally makes art, bids you from the bottom of her heart....



Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you both are in this "illness pattern". Take care of yourselves (guess I don't have to say that).
Keep us posted!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


Yeah, we seem to be doing it up really good! I guess this was what they had been warning about, but I can honestly say---I have had ENOUGH!!! LOL!


audrey said...

Anne, I am so sorry you are having all of this to deal with. Just keep thinking that old saying "there are better days ahead". Remember, too, your Blog pals are rooting for you and God will help you through.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Audrey---I think sometimes things just come in bunches. We've been lucky the past few seasons; it catches up, you know?
It will all work out!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

sounds ghastly - hope he's better real soon.

are you going to wear white spiked heels and seamed stockings and garter belt to go with that nurse's cap?

seriously - hope things start picking up for you!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well heck yes!!!! I gotta do something to get him better.....LOL!!!! And the hat has to be starched good and stiff too---none of that costume junk.

They did call a bit ago and say now that it's NOT pneumonia, but a viral thing that has to run it's course.....I wish we could have seen our own Dr.

I'm hiding out in the wet studio...to try and not get what he has, though I feel poorly.

Let's all go to New Orleans and drink till we can't see straight, which for me would be one martini from LaFitte's Bar!


yoborobo said...

This is a scary flu season - the swine flu is already at both the kids' colleges. Maybe I'll just decorate a mask with sequins and wear it all year long. :) As for your pickle, well, ain't stress grand? I know you are worried about the DH, and the banners, and your own body...so I say CHOCOLATE! Yes, Anne - you must eat some. LOL!!!
Love to you - please take it easy. xox Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Pam, that's it. I have no chocolate in the house and need to go buy a whole bag full of candy bars (because I mow through them).
I'm telling ya, I'm going to the cellar and not coming out!
Plus---to top off everything else, I somehow need to get the car in because two tires have lost the rim seal (Chrome rims) and I have to pump the things up before I go out! LOL!
This is all so bizarre....I know Rod Serling is going to pop around the corner and begin his intro to a new episode of the Twilight Zone....featuring my life! SNARF!!!!


Jan said...

Is pneumonia, isn't pneumonia, flu, MRSA, colds....AAACCKKKK! Can you hide under the covers until all this is over? Oh wait, there are probably germs lurking under there, yep, better hide in the studio. You are certainly have a bad run of health related problems this year. This too shall pass, but not soon enough. I hear ya about the tires too, we have had the same problem for the past couple months. Finally spraying in some canned flat fixer helped. Until I got a flat tire! I'm afraid to drive anywhere these days. But you better fill up those tires and get thee to a chocolate shop and stock up! They say the dark chocolate is healthy for you. I think they say it cures pneumonia and flu....

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh, I am soooo for the chocolate, but I am in the studio making something for ME today, and don't plan on going out. Actually, with hubby here, I have both cars at my disposal, but that's on the list!
I'm just patiently waiting for everything to get back to abnormal.... ;)
Maybe tomorrow I will actually have ART to post!
But I have to admit I love those microscope views of bugs and things. They really look like collage paper or a cool abstract.
DH is on the couch, in more comfort, so things are okay.


Anonymous said...

OMG!...Anne...this sounds more serious all the time! What a seige..I'm so glad to hear you are able to do a little art...
hopefully..you are immune to what DH has...so many questions we have for our drs..so little in way of answers..a tricky time..
You have to be exhausted of all this..maybe that chocolate would help! or, maybe we could run off to La fitts! lol!
Take care...and love to you..gypsy

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Jean, honey, I am voting for La Fitte's, and then if we can walk, we'll get the chocolate!!!! LOL!!
He is doing better today, resting.
My embossing gun just died so I have to make a mad trip to JoAnn's to get another as I want the art I'm working on DONE by tomorrow! (nothing like being in a rush.....)
I haven't blown a gasket yet....will save that for a special occasion. HA! Just can't work it in at the moment.....

Love and hugs---A.

Talking Horses Arts said...

Sorry no chocolate leftovers here...but can wish you all the strength in the world ( dont kill her with it ..plz. Do not want to be responsible for that...)Hold the fort down....art will still be here when all is healed...should take my own advice, spend time in the studio today with a fever and two boxes of tissue's.Wishing you all that can help to make it all better!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Andrea, I am an expert at holding the fort down---I just want a day with no *adventures* for a change! LOL!
And yes, spent the whole day in the studio--quick trip to town for burned out embossing gun---back to fry the stuff I'm working on.
Yes, I should be resting.
Oh well, there's tomorrow....at Tara!


Georgina said...

And here I thought I had problems!! Well, I've had my share of pompous docs and nurses to take to the back shed, but it burns me up...I'm not in kindergarten, ya know???!?!??!

Well, Anne just stay with it and hopefully DH will come around soon with the help of all those caring doctors and nurses...blah, blah. That's bad stuff he's got, so you take care of yourself too. Get some reading done in the middle of this or even a little designing or better yet, NAP!!!! Keep your fans updated!! Oh, BTW the jalapeno has finally left the room!LOL

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well Geeorgina, I'm glad Senor Jalapeno has left the building! Yeowch!
Things are going okay; gary is better this evening and I got our regular Dr informed of all that was going on so I've just spent the day in the studio, hiding out.
I need one whole day to sleep, sit on my butt and watch B-Movies, eat chocolate and knit, and then I'll be fine. Well, physically if not mentally!!! That one is always up for grabs!
You take care--


Linda Moran said...

Hopefully your hubby is a better patient than mine....take care of yourself during this time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne. I'm sorry to hear he is even sicker than anticipated. I've had pnuemonia more times than I can count on both hands. usually double pnue at that. We know why now but it is of no comfort to me. I don't like, dont' particularly want it and avoid it like the plague. I really battle with it.

Hopefully he was put on some very good antibiotics and he'll be back up and around when they have done their work.

Hugs to you and your hubs.

yoborobo said...

Hi Anne! Just stopping by to say I hope you are both feeling better, and getting lots of REST. :) xox Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey All,

Thanks for the comments---Finally got a post up today and hubs is doing well, better than yesterday. On some heavy-duty meds that bother his tummy but he is sounding back to normal as far as voice, etc. Have him on the couch; I'm hiding in the studio as much as possible.
I'm taking about as much care of myself as possible...need I say more??? ;)


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