Friday, September 25, 2009

"Liberty Prevails"

Last evening was the reception for the "America" show at the Honeywell Center in Wabash, Indiana. While I have had this piece for some time, I asked the gallery director if there would be any issue with it being submitted to the show. She was fine with it as it had not hung there before, and it garnered me an Honorable Mention, and was hung directly behind the speakers podium, so yes, there is a microphone kind of visible in the photo!
By the time you are reading this, I will either be on my way to the Imagine Center or still sitting in a dither with coffee, hoping I can hot-foot it to the Imagine Center in time for my appointment!
Thanks to everyone for all the support yesterday. I'm posting this because it was too late when I got in to work, and I was too tired to boot.
You get a bonus post.
Is your day not MADE????? LOL!!!!
I am not sure if the quote on the top of the piece is readable when clicked; worse yet, I am too lazy to go get the quilt to post it here, but basically it thumbs it's nose at terrorism because in every culture blood has been shed in awful manners for liberty, and though Sept. 11th was heinous, we are still here.
We are still a country.
We still love and grieve and have our lives and go about our business and realize even more so now that liberty is a precious and valuable thing; not limited to man made structures but limited to what we allow our hearts and minds to accept and pursue.
Accept love and diversity, wisdom and pondering of such, and pursue the truth.



yoborobo said...

What a beautiful piece, Anne. I love it, and the sentiment behind it. I hope you fair well today - I will come back to 'check' on you. Sending all good thoughts your way. xox Pam

Linda Moran said...

This is a beautiful piece. How did you do the clouds? How did you get them to blend? Sending good thoughts your way!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wonderful piece ... is it a quilt? I can't tell if it's fabric or paper. Either way, it has provocative images and an important message.

Congrats on the H.M.!

Anonymous said...

All I can say about it is WOW!!
Most deserved HM!!
Have a Good Day!!

Anonymous said...

OH my...What an awesome work!...
and, its a quilt?..even more awesome! You have to show us a close up when its feasible,Anne!
I sure hope you get better news than you expect today..We're all rooting for you!..
hugs and XOXO..

Georgina said...

Great piece, Anne and message. We're all ready to see you get back on that saddle and start riding...oh, couldn't help but laugh my a-- off at your comment on my FB about Bob!!!! I should have taken a solo pic of him just for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute! I love seeing through others eyes what that day meant to them in a visual way. It's amazing the pieces i've seen.

I'm praying for you!! I spend more time wasted waiting in dr's offices.. oy.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey everyone--
I'm in between appts, so this is a *mass answer* which I don't like to do but......
CT went quick, films from hosp. and CT in car, bought a floorlamp for the budgies (and they're happy! oy! those little birds are going to put me in the poor house!), found woll sock yarn on sale for $1.50 per big ball!!! I bought two...... <:)
Okay, yes, it is a fiber piece, made from almost all commercial print fabrics with a few pieces here and there of hand dyes. The cloud section was a single piece of fabric, dark on one selvedge, light on the other, and I had some of Lunn's photo pieces I stratigecally cut and placed. There is an INCREDIBLE amount of machine quilting on the piece.....enough that it drove me nuts. It was basically *drawing* all the effects of the explosion, the clouds, etc. That does not show.
The quote:
"we shall not run from the heinous acts of September 11th. The blood you spilled is not the blood of cowards but that of ancient warrior nations; brought together as one blood----American.
The greivous fires have not cauterized our spirits but tempered the mettle of our souls.
You have failed.
When I get time, and it will be a while later, I'll do some close ups of the piece and explain some of the abstractions in it. It really shows what it is small---up close, you lose some of the twin towers because you start to look at the details.
I did fine on this piece until I began stitching the debris field, and that was when I lost it. Up until then, it was just figuring out how to get the proper look. The time spent stitching each little piece of sequin for shattered glass, and red glass beads for blood got me......was hard to finish, but cathartic none the less.
Glad everyone enjoyed it---I'll have to post a note to self to take close ups......brain is going!
Hugs to you all!
And off again to town....AI YI YI!


Leslie said...

Anne, what a great piece. Very evocative.

I made a quilt as well about the time and sent it to Houston were it sold in the Auction. It also got a mention in the forward of the book about the exhibit as I had a copyright issue with one image and it couldn't be used in the book as a result.

I couldn't imagine living with it. How do you?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


Most of the time it is rolled up; other than this show, it was pretty well *retired* from viewing.
But I now look at it as a snapshot of history, much like the photos of the atom bomb going off over Hiroshima.
It happened.
Horrible things HAPPEN.
We need to learn from them and move forward, and let those who were most affected have peace to find some sort of inner settling in the matter, if possible.
So now, it is a piece of our cultural history for me. I guess unless I have to explain it, I can disassociate with it.
Does that answer your question or did I misinterpret it?


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