Friday, September 4, 2009

I haven't keeled over yet......

....though I have to admit last evening it was pretty close. I came out to the studio around 7 p.m.--a ridiculous effort--to attempt to think up a blog post for today. Let's see.....running a high fever, couldn't see, coughing, couldn't breathe, hurt so much could barely stand the touch of clothing on my skin and really really thought I could write.
Sometimes the extent of my own stupidity amazes me.
Today I am sufficiently better to sit upright for short periods, breathe somewhat, and at least enjoy my coffee. Slept in late, have done nothing, and don't plan on it. (though at some point there is a pile of dishes in the kitchen that will require attention and I am sure we're out of silverware.....and I need meds and DH is washing the porch.......OY.)
Just to make yesterday (which I have decided to call the third worst day of my life) even better, I received the background fabric for the banners. Much to my surprise, it was nowhere CLOSE to IVORY as it was described and the photo showed, but rather taupe. Yes, taupe, and the fringe trim I so desperately needed is "on backorder and no idea when it will be in". Now, that equates to, "you're screwed and we're laughing". I am too fed up and tired this morning to deal with it; I thought about trying to bleach the fabric --- all 12 yards of it --- and then decided I must be running a good fever to even consider THAT! LOL!
So, once again, it's back to square one.
So I'm putting out a call; if any of you have links to online stores that carry different weights of drapery/upholstery fabrics at discount prices, please send them to me. The two companies I have bought from consistently seem to have gone straight down the tubes for reliability.
Other than that, I'm still alive, obviously, since this got me annoyed and I could whine about it but DANG! If I was well, I could have written a most entertaining rant that would have had you rolling laughing!
So until I have real blog fodder.......
I bid you all



A Stitch In Thyme said...

Oh Anne, my heart aches for you. My hubs is still fighting this thought to his own credit, he says it gets better day by day.

I, well my doctor, hit it off at the pass so I don't risk getting it. The down side be on anti malarial drugs. But the upside, you meds asap if there is any risk.

I too was brought up Roman Catholic & attended perochial schools and such. But the hypocricy is amazing to me. So many think they are the best christians going when in reality-any good liberal could show them room for improvement.

I'm so far removed of being a good christian which is why I constantly check my ass at the door so to speak. I'm always taking self inventory so I do not bring harm to others. When and if I do, I expect them to be mature enough to tell me and allow me the right & respect to make ammends.

i love conversing with you. You have your own spin on things & I love the different views of everyone. Thank you for always posting your heart.
Tammy.. who will drop more prayers for your health. Just rest.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Tammy,

I went to parochial schools too part of the time (due to military restationing) and was lucky with the nuns I encountered, in that a lot of them had had a *life* before the convent so they kinda knew the curve on how things really were. (some were quite amusing!)
You said:
"I'm always taking self inventory so I do not bring harm to others."
I think that is the thing I have found I connected with in the UM---the first rule being, Do No Harm.(which actually, is a hard rule to follow! human nature) And at the end of every day, it's self inventory time.....
Dad used to have to take antimalarials so I hear you on that one. I'm better, but should have started the antibiotics sooner; it just did not seem that bad at first.
Anyway, we press forward, eh? ;) Physically, mentally, spiritually. I love diverse views---so much to LEARN!!!!

XXOO!!!! And thanks!

Jan said...
Theatrical supply company. Don't know if this will help but it is something to look at.

Hope you feel better. You need to direct your DH to try washing the dishes. They can't seem to think of it on their own.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Jan,

LOL!!!! I am not sure I would want to try the man-washing-dishes thing!!!!! Being sick is bad enough! :)
I'll try the link you suggested and see if I cannot find something. I had not considered theatrical suppliers. I'm telling you, it's a good thing I was sick or yesterday's delivery would have pushed me over the edge. Ay Yi Yi.
And I really don't want to give up this work, and I know what price range works in this area, so I have little margin for error.
Have been out on porch with DH---nice day and lungs feel better with fresh air. Will be better soon!


Marilyn said...

Oh Anne..... I wish I were closer.... I would make you some homemade chicken soup!! Not sure if that works ... I just love it when someone wants to "mother" me!!
Hope you feel better soon!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Marilyn,

Believe me, when I am well enough to operate the gas stove without making myself into *Anne-Flambe* Chicken soup will probably be the first thing I cook!
Amazing cure all---at least it clears your nose and lungs.
Now to the pile of dishes....grrrrrrrr........ >:(


America Alcala said...

Ay, Anne...just remember it will be over soon. Take care! :)



Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Meri---I keep telling myself that!
Self, as usual, isn't listening too well....LOL!!!!!
But I was able to snap a few pics, so I guess that counts as the *art fix* of the day! :)


audrey said...

Anne, just keep telling yourself that in a few days this will be a thing of the past. Well.....sometimes it helps! (:
Glad you are feeling a bit better.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


I'm thinking MAYBE this evening I can knit just a bit and finish a pair of that would make me happy!
I know it will be over soon but dang, I've never had a bit of'd think at my age.... ;)


Bunny said...

Hope you will be feeling up to creating soon. Make youself a hot toddy and hopefully this will pass soon.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, right now cold water and Gatoraide seem to be the things I'm craving......I'll save the hot toddy for when I can enjoy it! ;)


gypsylulu said...

Ahhh, i do believe i need to come there...and wave my magic wand on you! Wonder if that would do it? We gotta get your mojo back!
Hoping another day or two of rest might help..just sit back and be good to yourself...not easy, i know!
Will that company let you return the taupe fabric?...a real pain, even if they would...colors are so deceiving on the internet...
hugs and xoxo, gypsy

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Just smack me HARD with it!
I do feel some better this evening, but trying to take it easy. Or I'll be back like yesterday...
I sent a firm but polite letter to the company today; we'll see what happens. I have no use for the frustrating. I should be used to this.
Oh to live somewhere where you can SHOP!!!


gypsylulu said...

Is it a med weight cream colored satin you need,Anne?...I will check my local shop...its a big chain, called Fabricland...they are into home dec as well as other
types of fabric.. I recall seeing some med to heavy satins with some texture...not pattern tho.
I'll be glad to look...

Woody said...

I know what you feel like. do do.
I have thought of strategically placing small pieces of explosive in my sinuses and waiting for the relief. I had it in my chest last week and IT still lingers in my sinuses. Almost waited too long for the antibiotic. I am so glad my wife didn't get it as bad as I did...... I don't know how you can think or stay upright for very long....

yoborobo said...

Just stopping by to say I hope you are feeling a teensy weensy bit better. It's not fun, these cold/sinus things. And on top of that, they SCREWED UP your order. AARRRRGHHH!!!! xox Pam

teri said...

Anne, even sick and feverish, your blog makes me grin... take care. t

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Woody---sounds like a plan! I did the same thing---waited too long to start the antibiotics because it didn't feel *that bad*.
Now it's migrated to the chest and my ears are plugged----go figure. What a blasted bug!!!!
Hard hat and explosives time for sure!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Pam,
Yep, the screwing up the order really has torqued me off.....found something else from another store, so we'll see how THAT is, and hopefully can return this junk.
12 yards of BLEH!!!!
A bit better this morning....I think! Hard to tell with this stuff!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


If you have grinned I have successfully completed my work! LOL!!!


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