Thursday, September 3, 2009

Candles All Aglow....or....I Sew, Therefore, I Am

Well, after waking sick yesterday and deciding that the dreaded "Allergy-From-Hades" season was upon me, instead of giving up, I managed to get some serious work done in the studio. Not nearly as much as I would have liked, but when your left ear and sinus cavity are pounding out a thumping rhythm that would propel a proper Conga-Line........there is only so much that is going to get done. At least, done where it is acceptable to those who are paying for said banners.
Sometimes, you have to know when to stop and take a break.
I did.

If you look closely at the reddish violet candles, second set up, you can see they have had the first round of zig zag with the rayon thread. I don't care HOW MUCH I have sinned in the past, this is penance above and beyond. Plain and simple. Don't move, don't twitch, don't take your eye off the needle, thread, where the whole thing is headed........there is nothing fun about this part! It is just necessary, and needs to be close to perfect. (and after all my whining, it usually is....)

The metal gold organza halos turned out nicely, even after considerable fighting with the thread in the machine. I hate stitching with metallic thread; they all act different and generally have me saying bad words......... I was, though, completely pleased with the iridescent *wax drips* on the white fabric. It shows up enough without being overpowering. These, the Christ Candles, will have beads or pearls sewn on at regular intervals, following the pattern of the fabric. This is what I had used in the altar cloth and stole----I love it much as it is not too bad to work with and is still affordable, which is becoming a thing of the past with traditional liturgical fabrics.

Finally a close up of the vintage Korean silk I used for the rose colored candles, since the other I ordered was sold out by the time the company was informed they had sent me sheer olive green??? I was a bit hesitant to use this; it was a gift to my mother from a friend but hey---it's perfect. You can see the holographic fabric for the flames a bit better here. I think, when it is all put together it will be gorgeous from a distance! And the B.G. fabric is in the shipping process so I am a-okay! (well, other than the allergies....and the mental stability is questionable too, but you knew that!)
So, hopefully today will be a bit more productive! Morning is such a peculiar time as I am not sure what state I'm in until a copious quantity of caffeine has entered my system and awakened the vital organs.......
Hope there is something out there that awakens your creativity today and gives you the punch to make art!


P.S. I think, sadly the bug has it's grips on me. Posted this yesterday after I can neither talk nor breathe, so it is NOT going to be a fun Labor Day weekend here. I may be off-blog for a few days of R&R.
At least at this point I can still knit.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Anne...such a lovely project.
You are a glutten for punishment,! No, seriously, I commend you. What luscious supplies...I am intrigued with the candle drips..such creativity.
are they embroidered or is it some magical fabric?
Do we see the makings of 2 banners here? the flames are fantastic that where the angelina is used,the flames?
Sorry for so many questions.
Gee, i sure hope your allergies are better today..its awful to want to work when you not up to par...
XOXO !!...gypsy

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes I certainly AM a glutton for punishment!!! LOL!!! You are correct, these are the candles for the set of banners. In most of the older churches, the sanctuary is such that it requires two banners and I do either complimentary pieces (alpha and omega) or do a mirror image, which is what I'm doing with this set.
The wax drips are made from a sheer, irridescent organza, at least I think that was what they called it. It's synthetic with a low melting point, so I had to buy a totally different fusing material and cover the top with tissue paper when I ironed.
I will add a dab of angelina in the center of each flame when everything is together--glued on so I don't mess up the color as it will continue to change with more heat.
And I really want to work today, but boy howdy.....right now even getting dressed seems out of the question. But as I said, I can knit! ;)


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

pretty, pretty, pretty!

I love all the little details - the candle drips, the holographic fabric, etc. and that rose coloured fabric is to die for - it would make many lovely things (as well, of course, as lovely candles! LOL).


does getting stinking drunk help?

Leslie said...

It is turning out to be a labour of love for the Glory of God and that is all to the good, I say. The candles are going to be gorgeous and the process of how you make them is enlightening.

I thank God for you. Healing thoughts and prayers, take care of you and know that I love you too.

yoborobo said...

Hi Anne! Gorgeous! I love the little flames! And as far as I'm concerned they should put you in for sainthood, because I sure don't have the patience required for sewing with the materials that you are. I think your mom would be thrilled that her material is going to such a lovely home. :) Feel better, steam your head, rest, knit, and have a hot toddy before bed. :) xoxo Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Tristan, believe me, if I thought getting totally snockered would cure this, I WOULD DO IT!!!!
However, it depletes the body of fluid, thus making it worse....
I really can't wait to get these further along---it's driving me nuts not sewing yet today!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Leslie---thanks! Yeah, the profit margin is nil but it doesn't matter. The church will be gorgeous for Christmas!
Love you too! (you're a brave woman....LOL!!!)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Pam,

On one of my lists, we used to joke about starting our own order of nuns, The Divine Order of Misfits, with Sr. Annie Only as Mother Superior (from the band the Misfits and Jerry Only--the bassist, to clarify).
I am thinking that's as close to being canonized as I will get! LOL!!!! Unless someone put me in front of a cannon......
Am pampering self with warm bread pudding full of raisins plumped in brandy with vanilla bean. Oh, such medicine..... :)


Anonymous said...

Good Day Anne! Remind please, sorry lupus fog, what is this project for? A church for xmas?? I can't wait to see your hard work shown in full. Are you embroidering these down? Hand or machine? I'm loving what I see so far my dear.

Also, THANK YOU for being so open & chatty with me on my blog. I just am not one to be so cookie cutter with my blog. I speak from heart and go with it. I see you are as well & I wanted to tell you, I APPRECIATE YOU. Thank you. Tammy

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Tammy,

This set of banners is for Advent/Christmas season...actually, they stay up until the first or second Sunday after new Years, I think....can't remember the liturgical calender! Anyway, yes, they're for Christmas!
Most of the work is done on the machine, but when I get to the point of beads, pearls, etc, that is when the hand work begins, and is really time consuming. But I enjoy it because I sort of zone out while doing it. have to watch that I don't do it for so long that I can't move! LOL!
I enjoy your posts---thought provoking and that is nice. And glad my comments aren't too long!


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