Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy As A Bee......

(Leslie, this one is for both of us Celts!!!)
Yesterday was pretty much a blur. I was hopping from the moment I got up but again, by days end I was scratching my head as to what I had accomplished.
Dishes--done. Twice.
Cooking--homemade soup and a delightful coconut cake from scratch.
A bit of cleaning.
Computer work.
Basement work.
Trying to glue angelina onto the candle flames of the church banners. That should have been on video, because what I thought would be quick and easy was a slow, delicate, questionable process. I also spent a good deal of time attempting to locate the proper glue.
Spent time picking out beads for the banners.
Also spent time finding the bowl of beads for the banners....
Finally gave up in the early afternoon and retreated to the chair for some knitting and rest. Feet up time.
I started another pair of socks, this time knitting Noro. It is the first time I have knit a one ply wool, and if the colors weren't so absolutely scrumptious, I would throw it out the window! I have spun and tried to deal with one ply not twisting back upon itself, but socks on---again, stupid pill time---size ONE needles with the squirmy, twisty stuff........whole nuther realm. But the tiny bit of the toes that are finished are lovely....the color flow......oh yes, I think I can tolerate the demands of the wool!
So since basically today may be a *sock knitting day* we have the thistle pic in honor of Leslie and all the knitting she does, although I believe she actually enjoys more of hers..... ;-)
I'm not making any promises on accomplishments today; what gets done, gets done. I have a reception I have to attend tomorrow evening and need to rest up for that---Monday's hospital adventures sort of took it out of me!
Therefore, I give you all my blessing for a day of something easy and fun! That way my guilt-trip doesn't kick in.....
At least not too hard!
P.S. I woke to discover not only my Facebook badge screwed up and useless but also one of my other sidebar apps that lets me help keep track of comments so I don't miss anything. Another blogger lost all the pics of her followers....what is going on???? Now I get to go BACK into Facebook and try and rebuild my badge, which has gotten picky and I guess just wants wall photos........someone hit me NOW. It's too early for all this thinking....... >:-(


yoborobo said...

What is going on with FB? Maybe you should give it a day and it will mend itself! ;) As for knitting, I have no skill in that department, but I love seeing the results of people who do!
I hope you get lots of R&R today. I didn't make it into the woods yesterday to take pics, and today is looking cloudy. Manana, manana! xoxo Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Have NOOOOOOO idea. Was having trouble trying to get the pop up window to respond here on Blogger---why do I feel it is a combined issue?
Am changing photos into Wall Page pics as FB won't let me upload from my other album.
I'm thinking the words *SHOOT ME* are in order! LOL! I love/hate computers and apps!!!! (especially since I know little, and FB seems to change things upon a whim....)
Okay, whined enough! Sorry!!!
Off for a BUSY day---Dh left me a list....grrrrrrrr....

Anne-the nongeek

Leslie said...

Thanks for the Celtic Shout Out, my dear Anne.

I think FB has been shaky for a couple of days.

Yanno, it's those losers with nothing better to do than write hack code for the fun of it. Ask our friend, Cherie at MS about that...

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Leslie,

You know me....I just had to have my morning RANT! (why don't these people get a job???? if they can write hack code, they could be paid well!)
Anyway, WOOT! to us thistle-grrrls.....I had several shots of the thistle but really liked this one becuase it was soooo purple.
I'm relatively stable now---no impending fits for the next five minutes....LOL!!!!


Georgina said...

Oh oh, haven't checked my FB today, but I won't be surprised if it's all caca-ed up!!!! No time to fix today. Taking Miss Daisy out for her usual Wed. shopping at the mall, bleh, and buying an expensive, useless wedding gift for my cousin's son who marries the 2nd of Oct.

I'm not looking forward to this damn wedding, neither is my brother and my little brother will be here visiting from CA, but he has the option to bail out, which he told me he already has...double bleh. My mother called all of us anti-social...yea, and the problem is???? The only 2 who are excited are my mother and Ian, my youngest son, who loves getting dressed up. Good thing he'll be her date...DH, my brother,his girlfriend and me will be at the anti-social table looking totally bored!! Sorry for the bitching...I hate weddings!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Georgina, I thoroughly needed this laugh, which is not polite of me, but I hate weddings too; I compare them to hemmorhoid surgery without anesthetic! A big PITA that's horribly expensive!
You have my complete and utter sympathies......
I found out the Fx is not healed---going for CT on Friday and then off to another Dr. next Tuesday. Am exhausted from it all but *knowing* is better than wondering, and am pretty much at peace with it.
So today, be glad your's is a PITA instead of the looming possibility in my life.... :)
And thanks for making me laugh!


P.S. Have a big cold one when you get home!

Georgina said...

Ok Anne, you'll be getting some extra prayer time for this. Hang on girl, you're going to get this too f----'n mean to let that get you to light that candle to St. Jude...I know, but I'm a beaner, what can I say!!!

Anonymous said...

Look now, you could've stopped at the soup and coconut cake, come down state a bit and had tea with me... :)

That would have been a great day. :)

Loved your socks the other day. Sorry i've not stopped by, been under the weather. Doc tomorrow. Sad to hear of your ailments as well. I swear it's something to do with chemicals we eat or breath.. so much hitting so many. Hugs. Tammy

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ah Georgina, St. Jude is my favorite...have his candles in the house and studio, where ever I am working/sitting that I know I will remember to light them. Many names under and around them. Thank you.
yes, I am a tough old bird, and this is going to get right one way or another!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


What a delightful thought! If it wasn't three hours in the car down there, believe me, you'd have a vositor. But I probably couldn't walk once out the car door......LOL! So you could steal the soup and cake!!!
Was glad to see you post again---had been concerned.
I think Indiana must be filled with toxic sludge from the '50's....back in the day when you just buried everything and it was all *OKAY*.
I started another pair of socks (IDJIT!!!!!) just to have something to do in the evening to keep my little mind off everything. Will be glad when they are done because the wool is a PIP to knit....oh well. I had it here, no purchase involved!
Take care!


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