Monday, August 17, 2009

Is it just ME......??????

....or is anyone else not enjoying this hotter than Hades weather that is going around?
Yesterday was a complete nothing done day. Even though I am in the A/C, it's sort of like the barometric pressure that comes with the heat saps any strength you might have left. Oh I've done little odds and ends:

Found the pack of poster board for banner patterns
Once again made myself blind trying to find items for trim on line
Slept off a mild headache
Didn't learn the first time and was back again looking for trim on line (stupid!)
Ignored all the housework other than minor cooking
Laid on the couch watching a bad movie and was too lazy to get up to change to something else (though the ending was an interesting twist)
I even turned the computer OFF.

Yes, you read that right----O-F-F.

I am in the summer doldrums, right when I need to be hopping to it. Now, generally it means I whine for a few days/weeks (who's counting! well, besides my gentle readers....) and then I'm right back at it hard, but it is always---and I do repeat ALWAYS---when I need to get work done the most.
I've ordered most of what I need for the banner project, have the studio somewhat in order, and what isn't is only a matter of a couple of hours to fix, and half of me is ready to hit it.
The other more belligerent half is pouting and stomping about, kicking things, fingers in ears, refusing to respond. So it must be the must.
I hope where ever my readers are today you have cooler temps than us and have a cooler approach to getting things done. As for me and my Southern Blood, I think we'll languish in the shade with some sweet tea and a smarmy novel, or maybe a medical text. That's my idea of a good time! ;-) Hey, keeps me out of the tattoo parlor!!!
Stay cool, stay creative!



Linda Moran said...

I too am done with this heat - seems like every year at the beginning of August, especially those years when we don't have a good monsoon season that I am SO ready for a cooler morning and PM so I can take a walk!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

It's killing me---my hip and knee seized up and I literally can't walk. We got some rain last night, supposed to have more today thru Thursday I think.
I hope that it clams stuff down both outside and IN!!!

Anonymous said...

well, I definitely won't be going to the tatoo parlor today!
better put that on hold! hehe!

sounds like your prep for the banners is just around the corner, Anne! I wish you the best in your

I see that next week is supposed to cool down for us...hope that forcast is correct!

In the meantime...keep that mint tea ready!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

One tattoo is good---I have one, which needs reinking since I have--how shall I put this---STRETCHED since I got it. But I'm too tight to spend the money on the work. Besides, it doesn't show unless I lean over with a short shirt on! So I'm good for a while!!!
We got storms last night, but still humid here and feels oppressive. I'm ready for snow.......

teri said...

Believe it or not ... I am headed to YUMA AZ in a few days for a visit with my family down there...supposed to be around 115...see Anne, there is always someone "worse off"!?!
Stay cool, deary.

Anonymous said...

I look up the temperature on the computer. It reads 88 degrees. I think, OK, it's not 100. Go outside for a few minutes and BAM. The heat from the sun and the humidity. I couldn't wait to go inside. It's hot. Want a rain to cool it down a couple of days.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


We had rain (thunderstorms actually); and that turned everything into a steam bath of phenomenal proportions! Rained through the night, more for today.
I want it all--sun, cool and no humidity!
Hope you get your rain and a chance to enjoy what is quickly passing of our summer! :)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


1.You're crazy, but I love you anyway!!!

2. Been to Arizona and it's dry heat, which means it is MUCH more tolerable.

When I was out in Long Beach CA, it would often be 115 and we'd be laying by the pool. There was no humidity there for whatever reason. I loved it!
Have fun and a safe trip, and don't fry your brains!!!! ;)

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