Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Introducing My Friend: Lynn Devine McDonald

I want to introduce Lynn because she is a phenomenal woman, artist and someone whose work you will want to see more of! Please enjoy!!!! And all images in this post are the copyright of Lynn Devine McDonald, 2009. (yes, I'm sewing....or prepping to....)

Lynn and I met, quite by accident, when I had some of my shrine quilts on display at the Indianapolis Art Center in Broadripple, for their Dia De Los Muertos show/celebration. We talked first either via e-mail or through a phone call--I can't remember which--but set up a date for her to come up from Indy to my studio. She and her sister Gail were afraid I would be some "young, perky thing"..............HA! Not that way for a looooooong time!

We all hit it off immediately with our like of similar things; my work was quirky and a little dark, but with influence from Frida Kahlo and religious images. Lynn's work used found objects from flea markets, yard sales---anything for texture--- multiple stampings, paint, more paint, more stamping........see where we're going here?

Lynn loves the use of milagros in her work as much as I did sewing the numerous tiny ones on my shrine series. While we differ in technique, we still have these threads that cross....color, texture, hearts, Frida..................

To quote Lynn, when describing her unique and eye catching work:
"Many times I use text as texture. I love to play with layers of meaning and layers of materials,I see them as stories, visual fragments of a moment. I seem to work in series; Frida, Mexican tin hearts, renaissance women, circus., dreams etc. "

There is always a quality of depth that I enjoy looking at. A sense of so much more to see if I just look a bit longer.

You can visit Lynn's Etsy shop and see what's for sale, or visit her blog through the link in my sidebar.

She also has a website, Lynn Devine McDonald, where you can go take a look-see too.
We have shown together (along with Bernadette Ostrozovich) and we are truly an interesting trio when we are thrown in the same boat, or gallery, as the case may be!
So take a moment to check Lynn's work out and leave a comment; she's new to Blogland and I think you all would enjoy what wonderful eye candy is available.
I sure do---my daily dose of Lynn! :-)
Now repeat the matra; "Go make art......go make art.....go make art....."



gypsylulu said...

WOW!...thanks, Anne for introducing us to your artist friend! Is'nt it amazing how our paths cross? I will be sure and look at her blog and comment!
Her work is lovely...its helping me see the light and darker areas!
I'll be playing with those inks today! lol!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thought you would enjoy it---love her work. Wish you could see it in person....isn't that how it is with art though?
I hope the e-mail about the ink made sense...written while still in morning coffee mode. You know how that is! LOL!

gypsylulu said...

LOl! did good, Anne!
made good sense...I'm gonna conquer those inks..hehe!

Lynn Devine McDonald said...

Thanks again Anne for sharing your blog with me!!!

A Stitch In Thyme said...

A wonderful promo tribute to your fellow artist. Wonderful!! I love how moody the art is that both of you do. Something very surreal yet wonderment within each piece. Love it all.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Tammy---it's nice to have folks stop by when I put up another artists work.
I like to share the blog---it's fun!
You take care!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

love this work!

I can see why you two relate to each other's work so well. Certainly they're not copies of each other - but there is a similar aesthetic and inspiration.

I am especially fond of the piece with all the circus figures and christmas lights. Absolutely fab!

thanks for the links - I'm off to peruse her blog.

Enjoying your day? It's FINALLY not heinously hot here!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

My day got all changed from what I planned---but nice. Lots of e-mails, friend over, no work done......
And then the humidity rolled in and I can't breathe!!!!

I was sure you would enjoy Lynns work, especially the circus piece. She had one earlier this year you would have loved; really quirky. I liked it a lot and I'm not one to have circus art really call out to me.

Wish you could have seen the show the three of us had---it rocked... ;)

Leslie said...

I would venture to say it is incandescent when you all are showing together..

Great work, thanks for sharing it with us as always..

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