Monday, August 31, 2009

Church Banners, and Why They Are So Time Consuming

I have to admit that anything that starts from a sketch so simple should not end up using such a large portion of your life to produce. However, in my area, the problem has been finding supplies, as I have stated before, and after numerous (way too numerous) hours on the internet searching for background fabrics, and candle fabrics, everything is beginning to be a bit closer to coming together. And boy am I relieved!

While this does not show the wonderful shimmering quality of the flame fabric, trust me when I say it will be seen from afar! Trying to photograph the holographic pieces are hit and miss. I also plan to put a bit of angelina in the very center of the flames when everything is attached, as I will have to use fabric glue and don't want to reheat the fiber again. It's right where I want it color wise and one more hit with the iron and who knows???

And this is what appears to be a small amount of work, the candles cut, the *glow* of the flame and flame proper fused deceiving. This was an amazing amount of time! Since it's almost all silk, it has to be handled with extreme care and everything has to be perfectly on-grain.

And the little *wax drips*? They can't be just fused, but zigzagged around all the way to make sure they stay on. After three backing support products, I finally discovered that tissue paper works the best.......grrrrrrrrr.......let's see, eight small candles, two large candles, and I am pretty sure that equals Anne losing her mind!
The next step is getting these onto felt, then a slow, broad zigzag all around the edges to secure everything so it doesn't ravel out!
And that's the Monday update on the monsters---stay tuned for more of my perils and adventures right here on El Milagro!!!
And I hope you have a wonderful, easy-going type week, and think of me slaaaaaaaving at the sewing machine! ;-) LOL!!!!!



yoborobo said...

Anne - you know how you are a perfectionist, and your amazing work reflects that (technique, execution, and gorgeous result)? I think I am Bizarro You, slapping stuff together, sticking myself with pins fifty times a day, and confounded by my simple sewing machine. LOL! You are a whirlwind! A Banner Diva (is there such a thing?)!!!! xox Pam

Leslie said...

They are going to be awesome. Slippery fabrics are the bane of my existence sometimes. Your idea not to hit the Angelina with an iron again seems sound. Good luck and thank for the progress report.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


I would rather be doing what you're doing right now! I hate working with silks, and worse yet WHITE because I always shove pins into myself, thus blood......(subliminal wishes to be a voodoo doll???)
Everything slips and slides.....I cuss.....Banner Non-Diva I am thinking! LOL!!!!!
But I guess it's that fix I get when they're done! HA! Banner Junkie, or Banner Groupie! I think those are closer. ;)



Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Leslie--

I hate slippery, raveling fabrics.....and I always seem to end up picking those for work with a lot of angles, curves and too many cuts in general!
Yes, I was highly concerned about frying the angelina--I did that on a large piece I made, and that is okay for some things (texture) but not this. So it's some sort of glue that won't change it, eat it or worse yet, totally dissolve it!
Glad for your input on that one.



Linda Moran said...

Wow - candle wax too? That would never have occurred to me, and seeing it is just a perfect touch! Looking forward to seeing progress!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hee hee....!
You know how horribly anal I am (or is that OCD????)---that I would miss WAX DRIPPING????? LOL!
If I can just get in the zone, they will be lovely. Not perfect, but really beautiful.
Hope you're feeling better.


audrey said...

Anne, the banners are going to be outstanding when you finish them. LOVE the wax dripping. I admire your patience in working with those slippery materials.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Audrey.....note for record:
I have no patience!!!! I usually throw a big fit somewhere along the line. This should all be on video as it would be funny, but with a lot of BLEEPS!!!!
Gotta dig thru my rayon threads for colors to match....that might be another fit. ;) LOL!!!!


Georgina said...

OMG Woman, you're not kidding about the time taken to make know you're going straight to heaven for these beauties!!! If not, we'll meet downstairs for a few hot margaritas!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Georgina, can I have a few hot martinis instead????? >:)
Am sewing on the endless zig zag now......ready to get in the car and just drive as fast as I can and not stop! Open the sunroof, stick head out and scream loud!!!!! LOL!
I keep telling myself "money" but it isn't meaning much at the moment....



Anonymous said...

WOW.... WOW.... I just love your attention to detail!!
Have a great day!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I suppose that's why I can get these jobs without having to ever really submit a sketch.....just refer them to a church with my work....they let me just GO; no difficult people to deal with.
Sewin' hard!



Ces said...

I have to come back and study this. Just saying hello tonight,

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