Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fiber Art Fireworks--or--No I Didn't Lose This Piece In The Piled Up Studio!!!

Remember a while back I was all excited about my lack of massive purchases at the Kokomo Piecemakers Quilt Guild show? And that I got the fat quarter cut and sewn together, and a batik vine pinned on? (at least I think I had that part posted.....well, obviously it was pinned!)
And then there it sat, looking at me, asking for guidance, because my plans were not it's plans.
I was thinking of cutting leaves from the remaining piece of the batik and doing them dimensionally and for some reason, no matter how I tried to find a backing or the *right* fabrics, it wasn't working.
So I put it aside, and knew that whatever was to happen would, at the right time.
In the meantime, I had been corresponding with Linda Moran at Marbled Musings and she had offered me some silk flowers that she uses to capture all the remaining marbling paint in her trays when the sessions are complete. The only caveat was that I let her know what I did with them. I had, during our conversations, still been trying this and that and nothing was capturing my attention, saying "Sew me on!".
But the piece was still on the table, in view so I could think while working on half a dozen other little *haf-tos*. ;-)
Then I go to the mailbox and there is THE envelope from Linda. I was working in the yard, filthy from cutting brush and shrubs, so I had to WAIT to open it. I knew what was in it and was just dying to see the pieces. After a bit of scrub-up, I poured out the most lovely little flowers and leaves I have ever seen! Silk flowers---marbled! Oh......the brain gave a large and frightening creak....those just might work.....I wonder.....
Off to the studio I flew, grabbed the piece in progress and laid a few flowers on. PERFECT!!!!!! But they were still dimensional from the commercial shaping process, so I slapped them under the steam generator, flatten them like a pancake and then pinned them on.
And that is where we are now. I'm thrilled! Click the photo so you can see these up close and personal. Of all the things I have seen available for fiber artists, these have to be the most unique and quite honestly, fresh, creatively in ages. It's not trendy, it's not a gadget---it's just perfect!
Thank you Linda!!!!!
Now all you all reading this post that do fiber art, get thee to Linda's blog and see what is happening in her marbling life!

P.S. Have a happy and safe Fourth!!!! And if you haven't signed up yet for the giveaway on the post of July 3rd, do so. Get in on the fun!


Leslie said...

That's so perfect..

Happy Fourth of July to you and yours!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


It would make a wonderful piece to hang in a window - it looks like stained glass.

good job!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I just want it DONE as my attention span, which is short on a good day is even shorter than normal of late!
And it does look like stained glass........I hadn't thought about that!

teri said...

Don't you just love it when things come together.
Really like this piece!
Happy 4th!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yeah---those "Ah Ha!" moments are too few and far between anymore.....I need to get back to more work so I can have them more often!
Have a good one!

Linda Moran said...

They worked out perfectly!! I was concerned about the colors, didn't think about this piece. There's more where they came from!!

Jan said...

They are perfectly charming. And perfect for the piece. It was meant to be. I have a nearly finished piece on my wall, waiting for that bit of inspiration that will tell me what it needs to be finished. I wish inspiration would hurry up and get here, I am tired of waiting!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm happy with it and the flowers were the answer. Hope yours on the wall starts talking to you; I hate being at that point where you want to finish something and there is no inspiration on it.
But don't worry---it'll talk soon enough!

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