Monday, June 22, 2009

Things To Come

Yes, this is a tidbit of a piece I posted the front of last week--Thursday's "Artsy Activities", and you'll get to see the steps tomorrow (at least as many as I photographed!) and how much it changed. I believe in letting a piece set it's own path, and this turned out completely different than what I thought it would. Which shows what I know....... ;) least I have learned enough to listen to what the materials are telling me and let them take their own course. Sometimes we need to push the work and sometimes we need to step back and follow. I chose to follow, and have been greatly rewarded!
I'm working on more accurate photos to post. For whatever reason, was getting a lot of burn out, and it was too hot to shoot outside, plus some of the paint was wet.
So maybe later today or this evening, I'll get the camera out again and go for round two.
In the meantime, may you always end up with the lucky side of the wishbone, and may your wishes come true!
Happy Monday!


the Faerykin said...

Hello, your blog is beautiful. The photos are amazing. Do you take them yourself?

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

it just keeps getting better and better!

I love bones on/in things - does that make me a sick pup? LOL

The colours are so rich and vibrant - beautiful!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I do my own photos, which vary from delightful to completely rotten! LOL!!! I just take a LOT.
Thanks for the comment on the blog---I really enjoy trying to keep it visually attractive and also some content worth reading.
Thanks for stopping by amd do come back later in the week--the current artwork will be revealed!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

NO! You're not one sick puppy for liking the bones! I love working with them, getting them creamy white and smooth; it seems such a connection with life and the fact that this IS a finite journey. The preparation is one of the parts I enjoy---meditative.
I will anxiously await your critique on this piece. It has been, for some reason, hard to photograph, so the color represented in the pic doesn't really come close. It absolutely GLOWS.
Am putting the final varnish on this a.m. between trying to figure out how to put my real sig (.PNG file) on the blog (that failed...) and getting ready for the workout so I can walk! Whoopee.
Oh, and breakfast....... ;)

Linda Moran said...

A lot of people don't understand letting the materials talk to us. I first discovered this when I started writing fiction, and all of a sudden these characters just popped up in the story, and weird things started happening in the plot, without conscious thought on my part. Now I find the same thing with my art - a piece tells me what it needs, and when it's done - actually very cool.

Looking forward to seeing more of this! NOw if I could get busy....

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

It's one of those things that, I think, you have to go through pushing and something NOT WORKING, and then be acceptant that the medium itself (words, paint, whatever) will let you know where it needs to go.
It is learning to live with the "What if..." factor. What if I move this here? What if I use a diffeent color? What if it deviates from how I had it planned?What if I just leave it alone and let things stew. (that's an important one too!)
So maybe you are at a stewing point and need to just do some mundane things, then the work will call! Loudly...usually.

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