Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Little On The.......

......drippy, feeling greenish-blue side as yesterday, for whatever reason, the hip, knee and leg decided they did not want to work, walk right or play nice in general. Couldn't sleep from pain; missed the next to last service with our present minister this morning and plan on a down day. Somehow the hosta seemed to describe my feelings exactly at the moment.
I know I have pushed myself too hard---I know that. I've put everything else before my own recovery. And I spent too much time on the concrete floor at the circus building for nothing----did I mention we didn't even get to photograph the one banner, Serena the Snake Charmer, we completed before being given the boot? Nor did we get to finish a small amount of outlining, which would have taken all of an hour or two before it was yanked off the wall, rolled and stuffed under another banner. Obviously someone doesn't see with an artists eye. I hope it was dry.....
I am hibernating. I quit everything (outside work) other than my liturgical work. My own artwork I will continue with. These were decisions I have had to make over a weekend of constant pain, and sometimes you have to learn to be like those hosta leaves and let it all roll off and do what you need to do. It is odd because I wasn't sure I was going to post this morning, nor what I had to write about, but this just flowed and I assume it is what I need at the moment to clear the air.
I look forward to the writing, and usually like to have it done the night before, so it's there for early risers. For that, I beg your indulgence.
Maybe I can actually make it to my own studio today and get things ready for sewing, providing I can operate the machine. Otherwise, I'm painting, and everything else that needs doing can just roll right off........ ;)
Hope you all have a good one and that anything hindering your own personal creativity can roll off like water---push forward---make something beautiful!


Linda Moran said...

I hope it is a restful day for you - I'm so sorry about your pain - it can be so debilitating, as well as depressing. You need to let go of everything but you and your needs - and I know that's easier said than done....but Anne, we need ya and your art - so take care of yourself!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Linda,

That's my mission this week--the start of it. Not going to be pleasant and I have some issues I have to figure out how to do or pass on, but I have reached critical mass and enough is enough.
So I will still be here, and dang it, I need my art too!
Hope you've had a good weekend!

Jan said...

You definitely need some "you" time and your body is telling you that. It is forcing you to slow down and take it easy. All the stuff you have been overdoing it on has caught up to you. So have a nice soak in a hot bath and read a book before heading to your studio for a relaxing few hours of art time. I hope you are feeling better by the end of the day.
Here is todays word verification:
restums. So you do that;-)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL!!! I've been getting a kick out of those word verifications---they're hitting a little too close to home...... ;)
Yep--you're right. Time to clean the plate. Friday and yesterday were sort of the turning point and I accept it.
I actually WAS just in the studio; have a layer of paint I am waiting to get dry and then back down again. In the meantime, more laundry, which really isn't much work. Gary has cleaned the whole garage for me so I can work out in comfort. :)
The hot bath and book are for later this evening---my treat to me!
Thanks for your concern and wise words. And at that point I will have *restums*!!!!

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