Sunday, June 28, 2009

Letting Go

This was from the last meeting I lead for the Co-Op. One of my friends from Logan snapped the shot; there is a serenity to it that I did not feel at the time but now I see as a foreshadowing of things coming.
While I enjoyed my time (and there was a tremendous amount of it) spent planning and working for the group, it has been through a lot of life-related issues and counsel with friends that I realized I need some downtime for myself, for other work, and to grow in an artistic manner.
Letting go of anything you love is the dearest and hardest gift you can give; it is a portion of your life and heart that are lost forever but it is necessary to make the separation. I have no doubt that I did the best I could, I've made mistakes, I've had good times and hopefully others have too.
Other opportunities have presented themselves of late, and it was with a great deal of introspection that I made the decision I did.
And I was ready.
Often our guidance in life, in our jobs, in our spirituality comes in quirky ways, in little things sent at the right time, in painful separations and in the realization that we are on a finite path and must make the best use of it.
After church service today, I will be in my much neglected studio again and be working on something special......and I have missed that freedom. In fact, it is rather hard to feel at home here again, with the very small amounts of time I've spent within these walls of late.
Art, in whatever form you make, requires sacrifices---and it mimics life in that respect. That is why I always sign my correspondence with the tag line "Life creates Art. Art creates Life." Both need nurturing. Regularly. Continually.
Treat yourselves to a day of artistic nurturing, with no sad looking back but only joyful looking forward and the realization of how wonderful each and every persons life-path has been and how blessed you were of the other paths that have crossed yours!


Vicki M. said...

As one of the founding members, I want to thank you for all the time, and energy you put into the co-op.

Although I no longer attend co-op meetings, I know that it is an important part of the community and you were an important part of helping it grow.

I have no doubt you will be missed, but you have made a good decision.

Enjoy your new found studio time!

Gayle Pritchard said...

Bravo, Anne! It is hard to walk away sometimes, but it leaves openings, as you described, for new choices, and new ways to fill each precious day.
When I was interviewing her for my book, my friend Nancy Crow said, "It takes courage to be an artist." This is so true. Wishing you an abundance of courage.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


I appreciate your words more than you know, and more than I can express. I hope that we have laid building blocks for something that is long term.
You plant a seed, tend it, and it either grows on it's own or doesn't.
I hope we planted in very fertile soil.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


I find it so odd that Nancy Crow said it takes courage---she always struck me (though not having personally met her) as someone who would forge forward and not give it a second thought---that it was just *in her blood*.
I suppose we all need courage in our turning points of life, and as is obvious from the comments I receive, I have been blessed with that here.
Sometimes, even when you've been thinking something for a long time and know the decision, you need someone else to say "Make it so."
Thank you!!!

Linda Moran said...

Anne - may your studio time be peaceful and productive! Please send me you snail mail address - I have some marbled flowers for you - seems very apt now, given that you'll be spending more time in the studio!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I know exactly how you feel - I gave up my theatre ("my" in the sense I founded and funded and managed it) troupe after 15 years. It was a very difficult - but ultimately necessary - move. I have never regretted my decision - and the theatre troupe is still thriving.

I hope you find the time you now have in your studio working on your own work to be productive and enriching!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Linda---the snail mail addy will definitely be on the way. Plus, those might just come in handy with a class I have been asked to teach in Sept. More about that later.
And thank you!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


It must have been much more difficult for you than myself, after all that time. And I empathize with you; you are fortunate it is alive and well!
I will be back in the studio though I think it takes a little transition time to really get back in the swing of things? In the meantime, there is unfinished work to do on the table, and that will be sufficient to start the creative flow.
Thank you!


Jan said...

I love the picture of you. Congratulations on taking this step. Now get busy and make more art!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Cutting out a new stole this very morning for the incoming pastor....I figure I have four and a half days to do it.....AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ;)
Pressure? Moi? SNARF!!!!!

teri said...

Dang, that's a great photo of you!!
Take a deep breath and relax ... the stitching will flow!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

It must have been the photographer......they do the magic!!!! ;)
Relax? Wait till the post for Monday on what I've been up to!

Leslie said...

What a sexy broad you are!

Great words and I so get what you are feeling as I to have given up something that I had nurtured for years as well. It's difficult to let go, but in so many other ways freeing and invigorating.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Mentally it freed me to concentrate specifically on the work that I have posted since this and physically I feel a world better.
It was like Atlas having the world taken off his shoulders......

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