Monday, June 1, 2009

ISP Problems.....AGAIN!!!

(No, really, this is NOT me...really!)
Writing this Sunday afternoon as I have no idea if I will have internet tomorrow. Have had no e-mail since Friday afternoon late---several important things out there I'm waiting on and have no idea WHEN it will be back up. Omnicity ISP service is USELESS. No tech support on the weekends; NOTHING.
I am NOT a happy camper and really don't care who knows. Believe me dear readers, this is the censored version of how I feel, because I am sure the real deal would melt your monitors and St.Peter would be telling Gabriel to get out the huge "Asbestos Tome"........AGAIN.......(sigh).....with my name on it. I am quite sure there will be a very large section of Purgatory named after yours truly.....
I am so fed up with dealing with garbage you pay good money for. This country has no conscience or morals or work ethic for that matter, since I am on a mini-rant. Just grab the money and RUN!
Okay......that's out.
When you live in the middle of Podunk Nowhere getting any sort of service is next to impossible. I would move except for a few things, being, my DH's job, probably ending up somewhere WORSE, and of course---there is this heinous collection of 24 years of two pack rats with high I.Q.'s and no common sense to throw anything out. (it's not good...not at all...)
I'm pretty sure my next move will be to the cemetery.
I wonder if they have broadband there???? Hmmmmmmm......... ;)
May your week start better than mine, and may you forgive a raving lunatic!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

is anything more frustrating than isp troubles?! it makes you feel so powerless!

hope it all gets worked out to your satisfaction - without the need of too many mood altering drugs ;0)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm voting for the second option. Where we are, it's back to dial up, which is useless in this day and age.
I have been none too nice with the calls to the *24/7 service*---i.e. a telephone tree to leave a message.
I'm trying to see if I can import my outlook express address book into a yahoo acct.
Kill me Tristan. You can have all my art supplies if you do!!!! ;)

Vicki M. said...

Luv the pic...I have no doubt you taught him to do that!!!

We have Wild Blue (DishNetwork) satellite ISP. The only drawback is there is no service during rainstorms. It is more delicate than satellite TV. Also, occasionally we wipe off cobwebs and such. Be sure it is installed where you can reach it. Hope this helps.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This is unbelievable---I called them and the girl said she worked in billing, so when I asked if we were going to get a credit for the down time, she said she was wrong...she worked in sales, that she didn't know WHERE she worked....
And they have no idea when the server will be up again.

Vicki M. said...

It can be confusing to have two e-mail accounts, but I do. I used my dishmail account for important e-mails...paypal, ebay, billings, etc.

I have yahoo accounts for my blogs and personal, fun stuff. I also have a google account, but I'm not quite sure how that happened. I have a routine, each morning, checking them all. The rest of the day, I only check dishmail and yahoo.

Oh...I forgot my website has an account, too...yeah gads, do I really keep track of it all???

Leslie said...

But you got a roll-off. Poo, sorry to here that you are STILL having issues with your ISP. That so sucks.

Chin up, if off the puter, can MAKE ART

Talking Horses Arts said...

Ahaa...I am not the only one having an issue like that!! We pay about 60 bucks a month and about 10 percent of the time there is a problem that will be 'soon'( yeah right) fixed.
When I called them and told them I wanted my money back for the time I could not use the internet, they hung up on me!!!
We are in the middle of nowhere in town that if you drive thru it and sneeze you miss it!
Our provider is the only one you can get here...figgers right!
You are not alone out there Anne hope that gives you some

Georgina said...

I hate when that happens. Hey, love the comment you left on my blog...mouse shit...oooh yuckers!! I remember doing something similar many years ago...I'd never seen a mouse in my life, except in my science labs, but in my house and storage shed...aaaaahhhhhhaaaahhh!!! They ate the fur off this coat I had in was rabbit, but still, my bunny was a goner around those little vermon...eeewwww!!!

Jan said...

As you can tell by your comments most all of us have been there. Remember when mine was out for 10 days? It is maddening! I understand that some places (some 3rd world countries) they run the internet through the electric lines where it is much more stable. That would be too easy and not make money for the greedy bastards.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, I appreciate all the support from everyone---it sertainly helps to make me feel I am not the only person in cyber-hell!!!
Heaven forbid this country do anything efficient when there are dollars to be squeezed out of the average person.
I have managed to give myself such a collosal headache I am ready for either meds or something cool and with a little *kick*.
the second seems sooooooo much more appealing!!!
Hugs to you all--who knows if I will be able to post tomorrow.
But if I do, I promise, no rant unless it's REALLY FUNNY!!!!

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