Thursday, June 25, 2009

Early Morning, Bright Photo!

I tried to pick one of the brightest pics I had for this morning; I had a late night after having the opportunity to chat with a friend I've not been able to really talk with in ages. We bemoaned the lack of time for exquisite gourmet cooking (yes, I used to do that, and quite well too!), the quality of raw food available and how a whole generation of people have never eaten *real*, farm grown, fresh food stuffs. It reminded me of how much I used to grow and how we basically spent Summer having the garden provide almost all our meals. How I miss those wonderful harvests and the incredible flavors of produce straight from the ground!
This evening DH and I are off to meet friends in Wabash for a bit--we've been trying to hook up for the longest time and with everyone's schedules tonight happened to work. Yipee!
I keep asking myself when life became so hectic, and bit by bit, I am paring down. I want quality time--studio time--time with friends and time for more work with my church.
Sometimes it is easy to be swept away by the moment and become involved in far too much. Harder still is the ability to step back and let it go. With some sage advice from good artist friends of mine, I have taken that first step and while it feels a bit odd, it is also like a weight has been lifted off me. Yes, there is still work for finishing up some loose ends, but after that's done, I will have more of my own responsibilities back and less of those belonging to others.
Saying no can be good, but let me tell you, it's hard.
Studio time is worth it though; health is worth it, peace of mind is worth it.
Now to start some serious thinking on a fiber class I will be teaching in the Fall, incorporating the elements of the outdoors into personal work. That's exciting!
And yes, I am still working on the fiber piece I had posted here earlier---the hands just have not been too cooperative. Check back in soon for some fiber art content!
In the meantime, here's hoping you have a bright and productive day, filled with beauty and creativity!


Linda Moran said...

I remember farm-fresh food, or peaches right off the tree. I am reading The Omnivore's Dilemma right now, and -while I shouldn't be - I am shocked. What does one eat anymore? And having a garden in the desert is way more work with absolutely no guarantee!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Let me tell you, the clay soil I have, and severe storms make it about the same here. I can't get over how tasteless fresh produce is now.
My friend I was talking with has a cafe, and he does omelettes on Sunday with free range eggs, and everyone wonders why they taste so good. DUH! It's from a real chicken........
I don't know; we'd probably get less chemicals and more fiber from cardboard...... ;)

Jan said...

I am fortunate to have these things. Yesterday for lunch I had free range eggs I got from a neighbor. For dinner we had razor clams that Steve dug and potatoes that we grew. We don't spend much money on groceries except for dairy and snacks. Even our meat comes from the family farm, free range cows raised without hormones. We may not eat gourmet but we eat pretty well.

teri said...

have fun in wabash!!

Vicki M. said...

When I moved for the east coast to Indiana, 30+ years ago, I found myself looking for something good to eat. A simple thing, like a good hard roll, was non-existant! People thought a hard roll was stale!!! I found myself "grazing" looking for a satisfying meal.

I do enjoy a good Amish meal, but you can't eat like that all the time!

It would be kind to say I'm overweight...just plain fat is more like it. I know I'm responsible for what I put in my mouth (including the meds that caused me to gain much of the weight) but I blame the lack of good food, too!

Stepping down off my soapbox!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Jan, you're so lucky! I remember what that food was like.
Vicki--I still yearn for the bread we got out in San Francisco; real sourdough, and then when we lived overseas the bread was incredible. Hard rolls, sweet butter and marmalade for breakfast. Can't get much better!

Now I'm hungry......... :)

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