Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday......that feels like Monday......

I think the picture says it all...except I was certainly not partying all weekend, and frankly, I think I might have been perkier if indeed I had been! It was a typical non-stop work-a-thon here, leaving me in a state of semi-paralysis this morning.
Plus, I am confused as to the DAY of the week, which always happens after a long holiday weekend. You know---the whole week just isn't *right*.
I might as well bemoan my lack of artistic activity; I ended up snitching a whole, whopping 15 minutes in the wet studio, and my plans to work on the sewing studio---to clean it up so I can get ready to start finishing the church banners---did not happen at all.
So there is one unhappy little camper writing this morning, and even more unhappy that she is going to have to scurry off to PT and lose the early part of the day to further making herself miserable. (pout.....)
Patience is not one of my virtues. As much as I enjoy the folks with the therapy, I have had enough because now that there is a lot of outdoor work, it is cutting into my art time. I have felt the need to cloister myself in the studio for a bit, and I know that I am going to have to do some creative time management to make it happen. (and that, too, is not one of my better skills) It frustrates me. It makes me feel all....hmmmmmm........out of whack.
Art is a peculiar and demanding mistress in that she loves you, leaves you, drags you around by your nose and then rewards you with wonderful creations.
I think she's going to be pretty unhappy if I don't get that studio back into my life on a regular basis.
And I think that I will be too........maybe tomorrow I will be brave and post a pic of the colossal mess I have facing me that has to be tended to before the banner sewing may again commence. It will help guilt me into action! I will have to answer to the blog.... ;)
Here's hoping my gentle readers got some rest, had some fun, and most of all, had some time for creative musings. Now go do what you do everyday---try and take over the world with art!


VickiTheMiddleSister said...

Love the graphic!

We spent the weekend rearranging, sorting, getting rid of unwanted stuff...not my idea of a day off, either. But we have to take advantage of no little, helping hands.

Look at PT this way...if you weren't making progress, they would be inviting you back again. Hang in there. Let some of the yard work go this month, year, it will be there when you get to it! (I know from experience!)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh, I know. I had to cancel this a.m. due to the stomach (upset bad from nothing but extreme fatigue), but I am glad for the progress I've made. It's just on short weeks like this one, it is half of the time gone.
And how do we all collect so much STUFF???? I'm all for permanenet dumpsters in front of the house---the incentive to toss would look me in the face each day! HA!

Leslie said...

I love this quote, I am so stealing it "Art is a peculiar and demanding mistress in that she loves you, leaves you, drags you around by your nose and then rewards you with wonderful creations."

The rain here made me stay in all weekend. I actually got the double block NYB done all the way to the binding. Now for a label and a sleeve and a set of napkins, in case I want to use it as a table runner.

Good luck with PT

Linda Moran said...

I hear ya - I want to be in the studio, quilting like mad, which I've done for the past three days, except for yesterday - darn cough thing again - and the King-size quilt is due Sunday at the 80th birthday...and I've booked two friends to come help sew binding on Saturday - I'm quilting in stages, and then I need to put the pieces together.....hoping it works.......but what's this cr** about being sick yet again???

Talking Horses Arts said...

Spent the weekend digging 10 holes for ten trees. They are all planted!
Cannot make art today because my arms seem to be to long and heavy to do anything...figgers right?
Since we build my studio I was hoping that our backyard would be a lot smaller(because that's where we build it), funny does not seem to be.. Apart from always getting confused about Thursday's and Friday's, having a Monday holiday is not helping either. Hope you feel better now..lol.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

It sounds like we ALL had the same type of weekend...which is funny and not funny too!!!
My problem is I am soooooo exhausted and have not had enough rest for several weeks. Then it all hits at once. Today was the *at once*, to say the least.
I'm crashing early tonight, and may not even post tomorrow. That is how tired I am!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

stop bitching and go clean up your studio and make art.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Tristan.....you are completely EVIL!!!!!! ;)
Go cover your lampshade!!!!

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