Saturday, May 9, 2009

Not up to par.......

Well, after a surprise trip to visit my Doctor yesterday, I have discovered I do indeed have a sinus infection, which could be part of the reason for my extreme lethargy and pains in the head. When I start dressing like the woman pictured above, I would recommend someone have me committed for observation! (actually, it is a pretty good depiction of how I feel....way out in left field, slightly off in another land, and yes, I'd like those ear covers to filter out any complaints/bad news!)
So I spent the day sleeping and reading, out from allergy meds and getting myself up enough to head to Wabash this afternoon for a show opening at Honeywell that I want to see, then back home and the same routine today. And the killer is it is a beautiful sunny day; I want to be outside working but I know better. There again, those ear-things the woman is wearing could come in handy as it is quite breezy.....
My book of choice yesterday, since I physically could not hold my Einstein tome and did not think I had enough active grey matter to grasp what I was reading, was the Sweet Potato Queens. You don't have to be Southern; just bawdy-sassy to enjoy it! I blitzed through half of it, dozing and laughing. Wild women on the loose.......what a hoot!
That's it for today kiddies; no art content, no intellectual content, I'm not even sure what I have written counts as content but the photo, ahhhhh, that should count for something! (Tristan, do you approve???)
Have a good weekend!


Linda Moran said...

That is a GREAT photo! I have that "look" after an especially tough week at school with teenagers.....the costume would certainly keep them coming to class, just to see what's new...Rest up!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Wouldn't you just LOOOOOVE to be able to walk out in public on a bad-mood day wearing something like this??? I mean, it says it all!
I'm resting and it is soooo nice. I had forgotten what it was like! ;)

Jan said...

where do you find these? Try enjoying a day off, it is okay to do that you know. You deserve it.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Honestly Jan, I usually am looking for something totally different, wander through image searches and then something weird comes up and I grab it. I think, though, that Tristan is the King of Odd Images! he can beat me hands down..... ;)
I am enjoying the rest.
Wish it happened more often! (just not the sick part...LOL!)

Georgina said...


I love the "Sweet Potato Queens!" They truly are wild and bawdy. Don't you just love those recipes!!??? They make the "Ya-Ya Sisters" look like saints! Sorry about the sinus infection...very painful and just inconvenient as hell!

Have a great weekend and I'm sure our friend, Bernette is licking her hangover wounds along with her friends today!!! LOL


Vicki said...

Hey Girl...Rest and get better. I "read" books on tape for the visually impaired from the state library. I'm off to see if they have "Sweet Potato Queens".

Leslie said...

I love it bawdy-sassy. That describes us to a T. Feel better, woman...

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey *Ladies*, and perhaps I am using the term loosely....SNARF!!!
yes, bawdy/sassy is GOOD!!!!!
Georgina, it truly DOES make the YA-YAs look like saints (or Sisters at the convent)and I thought that was a pinnacle of Southern-Womanhood when I read it!
Vicki---definitely check for it. If they don't have it, I will set up a weekly *read* session and read it to you, if I can quit laughing long enough. I think it's a girl-thing that would be fun wiith a couple of people and a glass of wine! And Leslie---wish you were closer and we all could sit and enjoy this totally wicked female humor!
I am feeling better after a handful of meds, and----yes----I went out and mowed. Somehow the breeze running in one ear and out the cleans things out.... ;)

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