Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moving Along.....

It's been a rather frustrating morning so far; once again no e-mail and also I find out the *new* company doesn't have tech support on weekends! WOW. What service. NOT!!!!
So I'll just make art instead. Below, are two items in the cadre for the canvas. The first is a dressmakers tissue stamped with Staz-On ink. The second is glass glitter suggested by Tristan over at Enchanted Revelry. (sigh.......) He knows all these places that are hard on the pocketbook but great for supplies! Luv ya Tristan! ;)

As seen in the photo below, the stamped paper was used in the corners on the back of the canvas support. As much as I liked (and I really do mean LIKED) all that gold, I felt it needed a little something to break it up for this project. The stamped dressmakers tissue is perfect because it shows up the design but still allows the gold to show through. You can also see that there has been a bit of glaze added to the interior edge of the gold---a red mixed with GAC 200 to warm it up a bit. Then, as a subtle counterpoint, I used one of the cool interference colors to put along the outer edge, applied with a very sophisticated tool---my finger! (I'm not sure if it shows up in the photo, maybe just on the very corner of the piece...just a hint)

It helps the eye recover from the dominant red all around the inner opening. It is not in-your-face-obvious. This is, again, a play with the eye. Sending the line of vision where you want it to be.
The final photo is of the whole canvas with some paper stuck in the middle so I would not make a mess or drip glaze inside. I have not used the glitter yet; that will be for the inner cavity, possibly. And maybe it won't appear on this piece at all, but that is how I work. I like having the tools I need and might need in place so once I start, I'm not having to run all over trying to procure something.
One note on the bottom pic---with the existing lighting it looks redder here. It is not that red; I was too lazy and in too much of a hurry to fiddle with anything in the photo program this morning.......
All in all, this is proceeding nicely, considering the lack of time I have had to work on it and the amount of drying time between each step at this point. Hopefully, by next week, I will have this DONE and ready to unveil the whole!!!
In the meantime, go be creative!
I plan to!


Leslie said...

Yea, curse that clever boy for his ideas that my wallet shudders at the thought of, you are no help either. The piece is looking really great tho. What do you mean by dressmaker's tissue, BTW?

Linda Moran said...

Don't forget to check out Art Glitter Institute....the pocketbook will hate you, but your art will love you!

And - the frame is kewl!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Anne, this just gets better and better! I love the idea of stamping dressmaker tissue - I don't know why I haven't thought of that. Of course, LOL, I've thrown away or given away all my old costume patterns now, so I'd have to go BUY patterns to use LOL.

Is that glass glitter FABULOUS or what?! It also will tarnish over the years, so it will slowly obtain a very vintage appearance.

I can't wait to see what you are going to do with this piece ... it's so right up my proverbial alley! Gold, GOLD, GOLD!!!!

I'm so trashy.

bernadette ostrozovich said...

oh this is so lovely! you inspire me everyday with your fearless use of materials!!! jeez tho' anne, i thought i did things the hard way! rock on!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi all,

Well, obviously no e-mail yet as I have had to check the blog for responses.
First---dressmakers tissue is pattern paper, the commercial printed kind. I guess I call it that because I used to draft patterns and pattern paper was something totally different, and sloper card, etc....
Second, YES! I did got to the art glitter institute and then I discovered I have two of their multi boxes, purchased long ago from the fabric store!!! But the glass glitter is cheaper on Etsy, which was where Tristan pointed me to. (evil boy.....heehee!)
And speaking of Tristan---go to Goodwill or the Salvation Army and get some older patterns for a few cents. The paper is better too---different quality. One pattern from each different era provides a paper that is different texture, color, etc. Cheap and easy!
Oh yes, I do things the hard way......what can I say?
Well, I have a few minutes to grab before getting dinner ready so outta here, Thanks for all your comments and sorry about the e-mail situation, which obviously will NOT be resolved until Monday. Do you see the fumes going up???? ;)


Quilt Rat said...

WOW! this is fabulous. I love seeing the progression, can hardly wait to see the finished piece. I still have lots and lots of that Dressmaker's got me thinking!

Vicki said...

Wow! I can't even imagine where it is experience with the process.

No internet service most of the day. It there something in the local are?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Who knows? maybe lightening took something out. I'm losing my mind trying to rearrange my e-mail schedule and blogging schedule due to the problems.
Plus all my Co-Op e-mail is interrupted, so that has been a big pain.
like I need this! HA!

Ashley said...

Anne, just letting you know that I keep updated on your blog and I love this piece you are working on. Reading your blog reminds me of when I was younger and LOVED art. My passion was drawing and painting. Alas, I have since then countered my more technie/clinical (do I say boring or geeky) side. Both of my children were very creative when younger, although my daughter is still very young and most of her time literally is dedicated to drawing and making things. Keep up the good work. Your local friend, Ashley

Elizabeth Golden said...

ooh I use to gild with Henry Ford Museum in Detroit. I helped restore frames. This is bringing back some memories. I can't wait to see what else you do with this. It is beautiful.

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