Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Lovely Evening.......

(All photos courtesy of Shane Mohler, copyright 2009, all rights reserved)
.....At Co-Op, even though it had gotten hot during the day and warmed the Cafe more than usual. We had a great turn out, new faces who all said they would come back (YAY!) and good art and good friends!

The late afternoon sun coming through the large windows always provides interesting shadows and highlights; Shane was kind enough to shoot pics for me and I loved these photos above he shot. (especially this with the chiaroscuro lighting!) Thanks a big BAZILLION Shane!

I did the presentation of the canvas to Rev. Steve Ailes (who had managed to escape from another meeting long enough to get to our meeting!) It was a touching moment for me, having to be semi-professional and explain all the details and remain emotionally neutral. The gift was happily accepted.

And I had to include this picture because we were laughing afterwards about me looking all proper and subservient........which, believe me, everone knows is not true!!!!! I do look like I am behaving though......and I did a pretty good job, until I turned the piece to the sides and said "How's your Latin?" (which of course, Steve could read...hmmmpht!)
Now today is off to PT, with a considerable amount of pain from being on my feet all day yesterday, so it ought to be interesting. I guess it will be payback for all the off-color humor AFTER the canvas was presented! LOL!!!!
I hope, during this process of posting from start to finish, some of the excitement of work and discovery was conveyed. Perhaps you have had a chance to get a new idea, to think about what you do in a new way, to be able to get a glance into the mind of another artist and discover your own inspiration. Or maybe you have just enjoyed the visual ride of process to product.
Whatever the journey has been, may it have been profitable, enjoyable and educational.
And may you always be able to share your art with those around you.
There is no greater gift and responsibility than being blessed with the talent of an artist, and no greater joy than passing the results of that along.
Make art! Do what you do well!
Deo gratias.


Linda Moran said...

What a wonderful tribute - he will look upon it for years and remember you, your community, and the wonderful art. I loved seeing the process - this is a whole new art form for me, so I'm enjoying seeing what you do. Good luck with PT - hopefully it makes you feel way better!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

There is no greater gift and responsibility than being blessed with the talent of an artist, and no greater joy than passing the results of that along.and I feel blessed being the recipient!

The piece is exquisite - it was such a lucky journey to follow the process with you - thank you for sharing.

... and you're GORGEOUS

as always

Jan said...

These are wonderful photos, I'm glad you have the presentation photos to complete the journey of this particular piece of art. I can see that Steve has a very humble and happy expression and will value this art work for ever, and even more valuable is the heart that is behind it.

bernadette ostrozovich said...

what a sweet and delightful journey! thank you so much for taking us all along! tris is right: you are adorabelle!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You know, for anyone who reads this reply, I have to say I pay all these people WELL to say nice things about me!!! ;) (just kidding....)
I'm happy I had the time and words to share doing this. Occasionally I get ahead of myself with work and grab moments to finish things, then wish I had a pic of it.
This time, I have the whole works! And yes, I was thankful Shane was kind enough to get some other photos of the group and of the presentation.
I do believe we all are blessed with different gifts, and in various ways we share them with others along our paths.
So I am glad to be on this path with all of you as friends. It is a very nice place to be, especially making art!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I pay Tristan EXTRA well to say nice things about how I look.....! LOL!!!!!!

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