Sunday, April 26, 2009


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Another day off, more or less.
I did get a piece completely finished in the studio yesterday and it was very satisfying to see something down there come to completion. Plus I like it---that's always good! Got a few photos shot outside, though that one was tricky due to a lot of wind---very strong wind that seemed to calm while I focused and then picked up when I went to shoot! (that's Anne-Luck!!!)
I might add this was all early in the day---by afternoon the knee had begun to seriously hurt again due to the fact I can't get my medicine thanks to prior auths and the dear insurance company, so the afternoon was spent laying in bed reading. Had bought a biography about Albert Einstein, and thought I would begin that. Slept a while. Did nothing.
Today will be again pretty much the same, though I might try and find a chair to drag out on the porch and read in the sunlight. Can't make it to church because I am unsure to drive. That is exceptionally frustrating due to the fact that we found out Friday our minister has been reposted elsewhere and June 30th is his last day. I had wanted to be there for every service and missing due to THIS is infuriating.
So maybe I will stagger back to the basement and start a new piece, or gesso the bejeebers out of a pile of canvas I've had pushed to the side. At any rate, there will be no real work, just something to soothe my soul, which has had enough of the medical merry-go-round, enough struggling with inept insurance companies, enough of everything for the moment.
I think I just need the art.
And I am sure you do too---go grab it. Use your time, and appreciate your friends. You never know when they might be sent elsewhere..........
P.S. For an in-your-face sense of Spring, click the photo! Makes you feel a bit like a bee....... ;)


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Geesh. I've never had a problem with my insurance company - over anything. I feel so bad for people who have tales of woe about their insurance - I hope you get yours straightened out.SOON!

Looking forward to seeing your completed piece...that's always a treat.

I spent the day much like you yesterday. I can't seem to shake this infection ... and the damned ear infection keeps me off-balance so that I stumble a bit sometimes, making me feel like the town drunk degeneate LOL.

Enjoy your day - whatEVER you decide to do with it.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'll probably photograph the piece Monday, or maybe today if I get the right light. I used gloss varnish (DUH!) and it is not going to be easy to get a good image.
Take care and keep tabs on that ear situation.
Or I'll pester you endlessly.....;)

Jan said...

That photo of the tree flowers is wonderful. You have so many skills, photography, painting, writing, fiber art. Sheesh, is there no end to your talent?!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yeah....I'm thinking it is in the socializing area..... LOL!!!!!
Yes, trust me, there is. I just don't TALK about those areas!
Back to the couch. Phooey.

Linda Moran said...

Anne, that photo is lush!! Is it dogwood? Reminds me of spring in Maryland - two of the most gorgeous springs I have ever experienced - and SO different from the desert! Dogwood, azalea, forsythia - and then lilac Sunday in Vermont (which would be next weekend) - when I retire I plan to be east for a good dose of SPRING!!

Let me know what you think of the Einstein book....

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Linda, the pic is my flowering crabapple. Yesterday a handful of blossoms were open; today the tree has exploded. I figure with the wind--by tomorrow--there may be no petals left! It comes and goes quick. (grab camera---hobble quick!)
So far, though just into the book a bit, I am enjoying it much. Gives a good insight to his years as a child, and aptitudes (or lack thereof) that today would be considered learning disabilities. Also, the schools he went to for secondary education; the methods they taught made students visualize and experiment. Not like today!
Will keep you posted on it---I usually read pretty quick!

Leslie said...

Sigh, more white light and healing energy coming your way.

I am sorry to hear that your minister has be re-posted. Change is often difficult, but can be good, hope this one is.

Love your photo of the crab apple branch, ours have fire blight, so we are working on healing them. Planted a new tree and some bulbs yesterday. I was nice to get my hands in the soil again.

Gotta go to work on a, believe it or no, A PAINTING, been aeons since I have done one. You inspired me, BTW

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

YAY!!!! A painting!!!! I hope it turns out just as you envision it, or at least in a nice, suprise-type way.
All I have done today is slop gesso, but hey, that's the first step!

bernadette ostrozovich said...

jan is soooo right! you are one gifted woman. the photo is fabulous! hang in there, things will get better again!

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