Saturday, March 7, 2009

Morning....I'm Late......Not Enough Coffee.....

I finally have been released from the hellish grips of the Groundhog Day socks! Last night, I decided enough was enough and even though I had extra beige yarn, off the needles they went. This has been one of those knitting projects that I asked myself repeatedly "WHY?????" did I start them.
It was odd, because when they first began, they knit quickly, at least through the foot area. Even turning the heels went pretty quick, and that was considering I am not fond of short row heels (double wraps too). But then when I started the leg......oh dear. Obviously the Universe of Knitting decided I was being punished, and it went slower.......and slower....and slower....
One interesting thing on the yarn and pattern; on the sole of the sock, you can see what the basic stripe would be, which was okay but not overwhelming for me. Yes, I probably would have worn a sock with that stripe.
But with the addition of a very, very simple lace pattern without too many holes (for stability), the yarn coloring becomes transformed into something much more interesting! When I did the first couple of rows after the toes, I was struck with how pretty the coloring was, just because of the addition of a bit of wave.
I apologize for the quality of the photos but, hey---it's morning, I'm still trying to suck in enough coffee to get the internal organs functioning properly and NO, my
contact lens are not in yet......
Now, does anyone really NEED four pictures of their own foot on their blog? Probably not!!! However, after the murderous task of knitting these puppies, here they be.
I don't think they are particularly interesting photos, but perhaps it will be a visual reminder of why I should knit on larger needles, or knit shorter socks.....
Now if I just did not have such long legs to require such long socks, life would be easier, I suppose. :)


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

well, no pain, no gain!LOL and those are one terrific pair of socks!

I love cool socks - but all I wear are either white sweat socks or thick bulky Land's End ski socks (around the house).

I'm such a slave to fashion *snicker snicker*

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love good socks, and fancy socks, and the hand knits are for winter because I freeze.
However, I usually wear crappy plain cotton socks about the i can get holes in them and dirt, etc etc!!
Yeah, slave to fashion too!!!!LOL!!!!

Leslie said...

Well, the Groundhog Day's Sock are awesome in the extreme, congrats to you and thanks so much for the prize as well.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I am so, so glad they are DONE! I finally had to keep telling myself "They're the color of chocolate....." and that didn't even help much!
Don't know what it was with these---guess we all get projects like that once in a while. Think I will take a knitting break....for a day or two! HA!
You're more than welcome for the prize---you deserve it!

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