Sunday, March 22, 2009

Introducing my friend and photographer.....

Photo provided by Vicki Venable-Miles. All rights reserved.

....Vicki Venable-Miles. When I checked her blog "My 2009 Project 365: Just Me and My edits*" and saw this pic, I had to coerce her into letting me do a post and link! Now, with my recent self mutilating activities, and my off the wall sense of humor, this photo was just too good to not share! I e-mailed Vicki and asked where on earth she saw this to shoot it and here was her reply:

"The hearse was on U.S. 31. I first saw it north of Markland Avenue(Kokomo)...had to chase it to Boulevard to get the pic. I thought it was going to cause a wreck...not only was it fun, it was being driven rather quickly. Either, they were in a hurry to start Spring Break or they had already started!"

You have to go to her site for the rest of the story!
Vicki is the type of photographer I admire; she shoots and only uses computer software to crop and file photos, the same way my dad and I worked in the darkroom. It is the majic in making photos by having a good eye and the skill to get the shot. Nothing artsy-fartsy...good plain photography.
I have one of her black and white prints hanging in my front hallway that always gets nice comments. Of course, I am such a sucker for B&W work......I still have all the equipment in the cellar to develop and print my own B&W. Where I would find the supplies? That's another story.

Photo provided by Vicki Venable-Miles. All rights reserved.

Here is another nice shot of something I would like to be out wandering around finding, daffodil buds. The pic is also clickable to go to the post.There is also a nice selection of Rural Indiana photos---it gives you an idea of how far out in the hinterlands we live.

So that's my plug for today gentle readers. Please go take a tour of *my* part of the country, thanks to Vicki! Leave a nice comment and let her know you've been there. (you can save the acerbic comments for ME since I love them sooooo much! LOL!!!!!)

See you all tomorrow! I have PT so not sure when I will be putting up a post.


Vicki said...

Hi Anne...Thank you for the introduction and kind words. I only wish I had the energy to do more photography. I have to admit, as soon as I realized the hearse was a joke, my first thought was "Anne would love this!" :) You are in my prayers for a speedy, smooth recovery. Thank care.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, my reputation is set in stone, is it not? HAHAHA!!!!
Of course, I probably would have been riding on TOP of the casket..... ;)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

love, love, love the photo! right up my proverbial!

now I'm off to check more at her blog

thanks for the introduction!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I wish she had more B&W pieces up; or maybe she does and I haven't had time to check yet. She has the *eye*.......

Jan said...

I just looked at her site, her photos. Nice work, I enjoyed seeing your neck of the continent. I see winter shots like that and it makes me realize how green it is here, all year long. Photos of Indiana and another friend's blog in Pennsylvania, it is so drab and grey. So green here with all the coniferous trees and the grass is green too. Interesting.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes, that's why I always enjoy the snow so much. It covers the mud and dead grass and makes everything beautiful....well....until it halfway melts and then you have mud again...!
You're lucky to live where it stays green, even with all the rain!

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