Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How do I top YESTERDAY????

Well, obviously I can't! And that's GOOD--it's how it should be! I think it was wonderful the amount of great remarks and verbal support you readers gave Val on her work; well deserved. Told ya she was good.... ;)

So since I am still in the less than mobile way, I'm digging through some old images and this is a favorite for a couple of reasons.
First, it was from the backyard at my parents house.
Second, it was a slide that had not been developed for a long time, so when it finally hit the chemicals, it just was not quite right. And I like that. I like the soft blurry quality, the colors that are slightly off, the whole somewhat surreal flavor of it. I always thought it would make a good pastel painting or maybe something in fiber or collage.
Third, it reminds me of my parents and Spring and how sturdy these tulips were no matter what the weather. They always bloomed and never were prima donnas. They were by concrete and the soil was poor but consistently they bloomed. Beautifully.
I am thinking that I could learn something from that statement.
Today is cookie baking day and I hope to eat enough chocolate chip cookies to make myself ill. I've been good and watched what I've eaten, but I desperately need chocolate chip cookies! (if you were closer, I'd invite you for warm, gooey, delicious cookies.....)

So I shall be in the kitchen; gentle readers, you all can fend for yourselves!
Go be creative........cook, dig, plant, make art. Enjoy the budding Spring!!!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

oh, wow
enough chocolate chip cookies to make me ill
sounds like my kind of afternoon!!!

hope you had some while they were still warm!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hot, warm, cold........I had a stomach ache by last evening. And I did not get the right quantity of flour in (different brand) so they got really flat---like cow patties!---but they were a cross between a cookie and a candie, which made them even better!
Look horrible--tastes delicious!
Missed you yesterday and the day before, but hey, you DO have a life! LOL!!!!

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