Sunday, March 29, 2009

Giveaway at Couture de Papier!

"Bon Bon Bunny needs a home!!"

A quote from Couture de Papier about the giveaway:

Easter is time of Gratitude for me.I am grateful for all my connections in cyberspace.Just post a comment and this 'cutie pie' on your blog with my blog address and drawing information.Good Luck..Happy Easter!!

So go to Couture de Papier and leave a comment on Mr. Bon Bon to be entered in the giveaway!

Drawing is April 4th!

You can't beat this......go check out a lovely blog with delightful items! And make sure to compliment Mr. Bon Bon via the comment box!

Now have a great creative day and enjoy yourselves as Spring slowly makes her way here! (we had thunderstorms of quite interesting proportions last night, and it is NOT warm.....)

On a personal note, I am still hobbling but made it down to the studio yesterday to get my waterbucket for brushes and get it scrubbed down. Was carrying it up the stairs WITH MY TEETH since I had the walker and nothing else to use. Would have been a delightful I am hoping within the next week I will actually have some *making art* posts to put on here. Otherwise, you get to be bored out of your skull with old photos and my ability to ramble excessively about anything and everything. Sorry! <:(


Jan said...

Even your ramblings are entertaining. Don't be breaking your teeth now. We woke up to some kind of crunchy icy stuff outside. I'm walking very carefully this morning, don't want to end up in your condition. Looking forward to seeing what you produce again once you are able to get back into your groove.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh hell, teeth can be replaced with choppers, though I really don't want THOSE! HA! The water basin is light plastic, so it was no hazard....unless of course I fell.....heeheehee!!!!
I am SOOOOOOO ready to work but I bet it will be a devil of a time getting it going again.

Vicki said...

You could at least a basket on that walker. I won't bother to tell you not to go up and down the stairs, I know it wouldn't do any good! :)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

It's much more fun carrying things with your teeth....that way when I become a professional Pirate, I can hold my knife while swashing my buckle.......LOL!!!!!
Come on Vicki----you want me to do it the EASY WAY??????

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