Friday, February 13, 2009

So excited....

....for a number of reasons!
First, a new follower---welcome! That makes my little heart happy!
Second, got the e-mail invites that went out to everyone for our Co-Op show in Logansport and they looked stellar. Also found out there had been a fair amount of walk through traffic this past week, and for our local area (small, economically depressed), that is excellent. Especially considering the weather, which I choose to ignore....
Third, the last banner is so close to being finished I would do a Pirate Jig, but I am far too stoved up for that. So maybe just waddle around the studio yelling WHOOO--HOOOOO and swinging my apron! (yes, I still wear THOSE.....always.....cannot cook without one)
Fourth, when the storm-from-hell hit Wednesday night, as far as I know, we are still in one piece even if it did blow water through the door casings and get the carpet wet. So what. However, the power outage when I was soaking in the tub was NOT FUN. Naked, wet, trying to find candles, trying to see the phone book to call REMC to report it.....discovering the battery on the back up sump pump was not do not know what dark is unless you live in the country and the power goes. To quote Spinal Tap, "Yeah, but it's the blackest black!" Indeed. Thankfully I did not burn the house down with candles and old oil lamps.
Fifth, I'm such a *man*........I repaired the battery on the back-up sump pump all by myself and now don't have to go battery shopping. ;)
Sixth, a large roll top desk we were trying to give away has found a new home. It came from one of the old primary schools in Cass County that was closed when consolidation took place and was a Principals desk. It is going to a home where there is a math teacher and an adjunct professor. It will be loved.
Seventh, I'm thankful for this blog and the people who stop by to read the drivel. And I do, truly, promise new pics, but probably Monday. I am hoping to deliver the almost-done banners this weekend.
All y'all ROCK!!!!!
Until later, I bid you adieu.......


Jan said...

The desk found a home, that's good. Glad you didn't burn the house down and yet were able to light matches even though you were soaking wet. I heard on our news about your storm. Glad you are surviving.

Leslie said...

YOU ROCK!!!!! McGyver Grrrl

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Never underestimate the power of a peri-menopausal woman armed with pliers, a jar of Vaseline and a Dremel tool with a wire wheel attachment.
Hmmmmm......that doesn't sound quite right, does it??? >:)

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