Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The more photos I take, the more I am convinced that I truly love collecting oddities, and that the old Victorian term *curio cabinet* applies for me.
I enjoy them far too much. Take the photo above---the bone that sort of resembles a toothless jaw bone? That is a duck wishbone. I was thrilled when I pulled the remains of the Christmas duck apart to find how ODD it is shaped! The other is a normal wishbone, two remnants from a paper clay session and a piece of a sunshine locust branch---good toothy bark.

Then there is the box full of tiny, tiny shells. There are so many, it is hard to sift through them to find what I want/need, but still if I am out shopping and see a bag, I have to stop, turn it over and over and decide if it needs to come home. I'm always amazed at the weight of these itty-bitties when there is a bag FULL. I am wise enough to have these in a lidded box, with a latch, so as not to deposit the contents on the floor and spend a week sweeping and cussing. (not necessarily in that order) I enjoy the visual and tactile texture of the shells, and I love looking for one that is just the *right* color, and with a little poking, finding it. This is, dear readers, a cheap thrill. ;)

Oh boy. This, again, falls into the just plain ODD catagory. No, not the shell. The glass it is sitting in. It belonged to either my grandparents or great-grandparents and yes, it is an eye wash glass. Fill that baby up with some noxious concoction, bend over, fit it against the opened eye and then lean back and let the contents do their job!
I really cringe when I think of it in use, but I can't resist the shape and how it holds things nicely. Like a little vase for a tiny nosegay. Or something. Something nice. Not an eyeball.
So in sharing the photos of late I have either:

A) Convinced you I am really mad as a March hare
B) Been brave enough to post how artists look at everything a bit differently. We revel in the peculiar, we see wonder in the simple. We always are trying to find another treasure, and are quite sure that the next to be found is going to be the perfct one---exactly what we need. That we won't have to hunt further.
Now, for me, add to this, years of fiber art and all the other things I have collected in that venture and you soon realise that my studio space is quite ready to hit critical mass!
I need to send some fabric somewhere.......perhaps a galaxy far, far away!


Leslie said...

I am loving the pics of the bones and such, I want to come play in your studio..

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

More than welcome my dear! It is not as neat as it appears in the photos.....but there is lots of good *stuff*!!!!
LOTS. <:(

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