Friday, January 2, 2009

A small PEEP!

I've been having connectivity issues with my broadband server, so I highly anticipate some downtime with the blog.
I am sure that saddens my gentle readers, but do not despair! The tech guys are great, and believe me, I can't function without the computer....not good. So IF posts are not of the usual frequency, I'm in "non-connection-land" grieving my heart out. (and probably driving DH nuts.....)
Cross your fingers for me! Him too for that matter.
And as a P.S.---the basement is almost DONE; I anticipate one more day of labor and it will be in order to work and have mixed media classes (though small) later in the year. Art Time!!!!WHOOOOOOO---HOOOOOOO!!!!!! Even hubby liked the wild print sheer curtains.
There really IS hope for the new year! ;)


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