Friday, January 23, 2009

Cafe Du Cirque; Our Co-Op Home

I am on a short schedule this morning and of course this is the day I wanted to introduce where our art group meets and has work hung. It is a warm and wonderful place called Cafe Du Cirque. The owners, Chris and Bonnie Arrick, have supported us from the very inception of the group. Our first meeting was held in their previous location; a small, rather dark area inside another large old building. We have always been welcomed by them. They stay late to keep the business open so we can meet, they allow our art to hang---without their support, the Community Artists Co-Op would not exist, at least as we know it. And they support local art. We fill the walls; it is all from Miami County artists. Others have tried getting on the bandwagon with this, but the Cafe is still the central hub for real art support.
And now to the really good part---the coffee and food. Yes, in a small town overrun by fast food and mediocrity, this is a welcome reprieve both in quality and atmosphere. The inside of the building is an inviting sunshine yellow, so no matter how grey the day is, you can have your spirits lifted just entering. Chris makes the very best Lattes I've ever had, and I have had a lot. When I am out on the road and end up at one of the "Big Guys" who serve coffee, I always get a latte, expecting that delicious brew from the Cafe. Nope....not even close. His choice of beans is what makes it sooooo good. True, I love my coffee. And I love GOOD coffee. So he has me there. I am spoiled.
Their menus are varied and delicious, mostly a lighter fare; they do quiche well (a specialty) though I am NOT an egg person! That is made fresh daily and the contents vary depending on the availability of seasonal items. Warm soups in the winter, cool, refreshing salads in the summer, an array of original sandwiches and a courtyard where you can dine if you prefer to enjoy the outdoors.
The building's owner and restorer, Linda Bowman, has created a sanctuary for both the cafe and artists. She took a building in desperate condition and made a glowing, thriving community. Studio space is carved out of any amount of building area at affordable prices. She also shares in our success--by risking her hard earned money to make 65 N. Miami a desirable location.
To all parties mentioned here, I say "Thanks!" From all of us---as Co-Op members, as patrons, and as friends.
Every small act has an immediate effect, the ripple theory. Their acts of faith have far spreading ripples.
So for any of you reading this elsewhere, if you should happen to find yourself in or close to Peru, please come visit this marvelous gem in our city. You will, no doubt, put it on your list of places to which you will return !
We are truly lucky to consider them as our friends!


Jan said...

I promise to stop in there for lunch and coffee next time I am in Peru. You might consider more of these type posts in the future. I'd like to see the inside of the Cirque, and more of your town. Gives me a better feel for where you live. Laume does this well, shows us lots of images of her town of susanville. Of course your art is always the best thing to see.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'll try and get some inside pics---it's really nice. Not super-super fancy but comfortable and cozy. There is a beautiful old fireplace (not used) but the mantle and surround has fleur de lys on it!
I'll beg Chris to let me do a photo-doc on here!
And I sure wish you could come to visit!!!

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