Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Banner Report

First off, some of us forget to buy batteries so we can use our camera, thus a verbal post about the banner progress. After a lot of huffing and puffing and avoidance issues, I jumped in and got going. They seem to start taking a life of their own early on; I just follow what the fabric and supplies tell me to do. Though these are based on the Lent banners I did for my own church, already I can tell they'll be "the same, but different". (that's from a movie that I can't remember the title of....DH and I joke about it a lot)
One of the things I like so far is the contrast of the specially mixed gold paint on the purple of the jacquard woven linen. Some places it sinks a bit more than others, but it looks good. It gives the feeling of a royal robe that is old and worn and has seen hard times. That is always what I look for in these; something that has had a bit of a life before the present one.
The only part that could be dangerous/humorous is the fact that one whole side of the studio is blocked off with the large panels I work on, so I can do one side of the banners easily, but have to gingerly crawl under two ironing boards to get to the OTHER SIDE of the table to do the far side of the fabric. Somewhere along the line, with my luck, I will end up with a tub of paint in this *naturally blond* hair of mine! ;) Yep, that one is coming for sure, or I'll get caught under the mess and buried and DH won't find me for days.
When I get batteries, you'll get a photo of the pattern for the lower part of the fabric.
If I can remember them when I am in town today. That and decaf.
Bet I remember the coffee!


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