Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Allowing Yourself Time Off

Okay, I am for the most part, a work-a-holic. I never thought I was, but after talking to other people, I have come to the conclusion that I truly am. I don't take vacations, I seldom give myself a day away from here and yesterday, even though I had a business meeting and then an art date with a friend and then a long conversation with another friend who has his mom in a nursing home---that was a day off for me. It was a day off from the banners, which allowed things to stew in my head and make it clear what to DO with them today. I did manage to get a lot of work hammered out at the meeting and the small painting I had started is almost finished. Then there was more computer work, business e-mail, got into a grant writing class, so for what I considered a do nothing day, it was GOOD! I think I have a warped mind..........YOU, gentle readers who really know me, were aware of that a long time ago!
I am going to post a pic of the felted booties I knit simply because I was asked to. The grey wool in them was some I had spun years ago and never plied as I had gotten waaaaaaaay too much twist in it. But to knit with the brown yarn, to felt, it was excellent. As I recall, it was a mix of black Ramboulette (sp?) and the combings from a beautiful white Great Pyrenees. And it felted beautifully and added halo to the finished product. Those should be exceptionally warm slippers! I might have to try something like that for myself, after the Jack Sparrows are off the needles. (they are coming along nicely, though the yarn I substituted for the body of them does not stripe. I think of it as the waves on the shore and the fog and crests of waves at sea.....HA! well, it sounds good....) I am close to putting the heel in them, then the real work of doing the skull band of intarsia. Frankly, I'd like to repeat the band twice, but will have to see how much yarn it uses.
So I'm off to the banner table, to have a banner experience on a banner day.....BAD PUN!
I'll just shut up and go away quietly in my little dinghy.......


bernadette ostrozovich said...

ah for a little dinghy...i love learning about textiles from your blog! just puh-leez don't let my dinghy veer off in yet another direction..."cuz i don't want my boat to be rockin'..." seriously tho' since i know zip about knitting, etc., it is really cool that you share. we must find a suitable trade sometime. here's why. 3 years ago a crazy and dear manfriend of mine, gave me, for christmas mind you, a huge trash bag full of his old, serviceable socks, and mostly that's what i wear. now honestly, is that a sad story or what???

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You don't want to see my *real* sock drawer.
You get to see the pretty things I make and wear in the dead of winter.
We don't discuss the others........ ;)

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