Monday, December 22, 2008

Art warms the heart

And it is a darned good thing that it does, because Indiana is still waaaaay too cold for this time of year. My idea of "zero" should be the score at the end of a hockey game or the balance of my checkbook, NOT the outdoor temp. So in an effort to ignore Mother Nature's fit of just plain not-nice-ness, I'm posting a small piece of art I recently completed.

This is a 4"x4" deep canvas, which has become my favorite medium to work with. There is room to work the sides and top, and yes, being the obsessive nut I am, I do the backs also. They are wonderful when completed.......but it takes a long time to get them completed! Layers and layers built up to make a piece that has an internal glow when done. I love working with the paints and collage; things happen that you don't expect and each is a bit of a surprise. I tend to let them take their own course, with a beginning idea, usually from a color or image. In this case, it was the Buddha figure and the small clay piece inserted in the back cavity.

I am working a series of these, in different sizes, and that has kept me out of trouble---for the most part! Also redoing the basement of my studio to accommodate the paints has been a...hmmmmmm....challenge to say the least. And no, there aren't pictures of THAT yet. See, I do church banners and actually make money off those. And then I can do the real *art* to satisfy my soul, and if it sells, fine, and if not, that's okay too. So the paint studio had to go somewhere when I got the twelve yards of fabric for the banners. That is my project I will be working on during the holidays and after. No doubt I will have something to SAY about it. (I wonder if Blogger has asbestos fonts for days when things don't go right???)

Today, it is a matter of keeping my parakeets happy with good music from WWOZ or a rocking Christmas CD. I'll be like Scarlet O'Hara and think about real work " Tara"!!!

Oh, a quick after thought; please check out the Artists In Peru blog for what we do with the small 4"x4" canvas panels. It is a superior project, and one of our members is keeping the cyber-world up to date on our activities. We are a very small community, but have a lot of talented, generous souls. And please follow that blog, especially next year---good things will be happening!


mizbee said...

hey little missy! so you've entered the modern world full steam! like the new little buddah piece. am so boo hooing that we live so far apart! it would be nice to have some tea and cookie art days together! keep up the good work and i love the look of the site! good luck with that basement thing! b

Leslie said...

Anne, Love the 4x4 series. So very kewl. So, look forward to seeing more. Your comment on my blog about knitting was so right on, however, I have been using my swatches in my small quilts and then going to my third love and beading them into submission. Keep up the great work.

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