Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And the winner is......

.......Marion Barnett (artmixter) of Dereham, U.K.! She guessed correctly---the photo is of poison ivy berries, safely encased in the ice. We have tons of them along the fence rows, and they are a good source of food for the wild birds. Alas, that means that after they have, ummmmm, *digested* them, they usually end up in my yard, as new little plants I get to pull out. :( And that frequently entails a trip to visit my dear doctor for a big nasty shot and I don't mean the tasty drinkable kind either.

At any rate, Marion, I'm proud of you for your keen eye! And gentle readers, if you'd like to see some cool stuff, check her at artmixter. I believe she has a book out about the uses of Lutradur, co-authored with another of the FiberPirates, Dijanne. You girls rock!

Since it is Christmas eve, I am a little rushed today, so perhaps later in the evening I can make a post season-specific. Mixing poison ivy with Holiday Greetings just didn't seem RIGHT.......ah yes, I hear some of you saying "It's more right than you think!"

My DH and I do Christmas alone, and it is fine, but there is that longing for the whole company/family thing.....until we do it once in a blue moon and then need to come home and hibernate! To quote the Grinch; "MAX! Fetch me my sedative!"

(I'm not THAT cynical...really.....heehee!)


Leslie said...

Amen Sistah, Poison Ivy and Yule, more right than you know. Good one, Marion, didn't know they saw ice covered PI in the UK very often..

Merry Yule, Anne

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Merry Yule to you too Leslie! And may it be without too much irritation! ;)

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